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Title Speaker Year
Reflections On Aryaloka 

To appreciate the significance of the 25th Anniversary of the Triratna's sole retreat center in America, Nagabodhi takes …

Nagabodhi 2010
01. Reflections On Aryaloka (54:37)
Living As A River - Book Launch At Aryaloka Buddhist Center 

Bodhipaksa launches his wonderful new book, 'Living As A River', a fascinating, practical and helpful discussion …

Bodhipaksa 2010
01. Living As A River - Book Launch At Aryaloka Buddhist Center (1:03:05)
Simile Of The Heartwood 

What is the heartwood of Aryaloka? Dayalocana, Aryaloka's Chair, offers fourteen stories …

Dayalocana 2010
Three Perspectives On the Practice of Spiritual Friendship 

Three short talks on the theme of spiritual friendship that flow beautifully into one another: beginning with the Buddha …

Various 2010
Hui Neng: Legend and Teachings 

Vidhuma gives us an introduction to Hui Neng - a founding teacher of the Ch'an (Zen) tradition - during this Sangha Day …

Vidhuma 2010
The Nature of Friendship 

Narottama delights with a very poetic and personal talk about how friendship is vital to our happiness and spiritual development …

Narottama 2010
Diversity and Unity In the Order 

A collection of four short personal talks on the topic of 'Diversity and Unity in the Order,' given by Vimalasara, …

Various 2013
The Triratna Emphasis On Going For Refuge 

Part 1 of a 4-part series. Dhammarati explores Going for Refuge and its central emphasis in the Triratna Buddhist Order …

Dhammarati 2013
Going For Refuge to the Buddha 

Part 2 of a 4-part series. Vidhuma inspires us to explore our own connection to the Buddha, sharing stories from the Pali …

Vidhuma 2013
Going For Refuge to the Dharma 

Part 3 of a 4-part series. An excellent talk from Dhammarati on the Dharma Jewel, with an emphasis on the practical and …

Dhammarati 2013
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