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Buddhism and Ecology 

This is a fascinating, challenging and, in the end, realistically affirming look at Buddhist practice in the face of global …

Akuppa 2005
08. Deep ecology - heartfelt interconnectedness; googling 'deep ecology'; Akuppa's personal experience of deep ecology; Spike Milligan and the Labour Party; practical exercises - evolutionary remembering; body awareness (6:46)
09. Reclaiming the gifts of the ancestors; connecting with the future; Joanna Macy's fourfold stages - gratitude, despair, seeing with new eyes, going forth; systems theory, ego and despair; what Akuppa has gained (8:07)
Towards an Earth Community 

This talk was given as part of the 2006 Buddhafield Festival. The delightful Akuppa looking again at issues …

Akuppa 2006
A Shambala Warrior In Hell and Other Ordinary Places 

Akuppa explores how someone practising the Dharma might respond if they found themselves in 'Hell and …

Akuppa 2010
The Buddha of Infinite Space 

An excellent talk by Akuppa given at Kielder Observatory, in Northumberland as part of a series of events …

Akuppa 2012
Liberation and Discipline 

A Talk on the theme of Liberation and Discipline given at the Mens Event in October 2014

Akuppa 2014
21st Century Bodhisattva 

Akuppa imagines the ancient ideal of the Bodhisattva whisked into the world of modernity. What difference …

Akuppa 2017
Four Precepts For Aspiring 21st Century Bodhisattvas 

Take responsibility Gather wisdom Make friends Make a world together Inspired, evocative and direct, Padmavajra gives …

Padmavajra 2017
21st Century Bodhisattva 

Saravantu launches a series of talks entitled "The 21st Century Bodhisattva", inspired by Akuppa's …

Saravantu 2019
Ethical Challenges In the Modern World 

A talk linked to Akuppa's talks on '21st Century Bodhisattva' and drawing on the book '21 …

Vajradevi 2019
Saving the Earth 

Akuppa's visit at the Mid Essex Buddhist Centre for Buddhist Action Month 2019, talking about Saving …

Akuppa 2020
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