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Buddhism and Ecology 

This is a fascinating, challenging and, in the end, realistically affirming look at Buddhist practice in the face of global …

Akuppa 2005
08. Deep ecology - heartfelt interconnectedness; googling 'deep ecology'; Akuppa's personal experience of deep ecology; Spike Milligan and the Labour Party; practical exercises - evolutionary remembering; body awareness (6:46)
09. Reclaiming the gifts of the ancestors; connecting with the future; Joanna Macy's fourfold stages - gratitude, despair, seeing with new eyes, going forth; systems theory, ego and despair; what Akuppa has gained (8:07)
Towards an Earth Community 

This talk was given as part of the 2006 Buddhafield Festival. The delightful Akuppa looking again at issues …

Akuppa 2006
A Shambala Warrior In Hell and Other Ordinary Places 

Akuppa explores how someone practising the Dharma might respond if they found themselves in 'Hell and …

Akuppa 2010
The Buddha of Infinite Space 

An excellent talk by Akuppa given at Kielder Observatory, in Northumberland as part of a series of events …

Akuppa 2012
21st Century Bodhisattva 

Akuppa imagines the ancient ideal of the Bodhisattva whisked into the world of modernity. What difference …

Akuppa 2017
Saving the Earth 

Akuppa's visit at the Mid Essex Buddhist Centre for Buddhist Action Month 2019, talking about Saving …

Akuppa 2020
Transforming Self and World Part 1: The Luminous Mind 

Part 1 of two talks given by Akuppa to the Triratna Buddhist Community in Scotland online gathering in June …

Akuppa 2020
Transforming Self and World Part 2: Buddhist Politics 

Part 2 of talk given by Akuppa to the June online gathering of the Triratna Buddhist Community in Scotland. …

Akuppa 2020
BAM 2020 Covid-19 and Climate Change - Setting Positive Intentions In a Pandemic 

Setting Positive Intentions in a pandemic. An online talk by Akuppa at the Mid Essex Buddhist Centre.

Akuppa 2020
Four Precepts For Aspiring 21st Century Bodhisattvas 

Take responsibility Gather wisdom Make friends Make a world together Inspired, evocative and direct, Padmavajra gives …

Padmavajra 2017
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