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The activity of emptiness is compassion


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Meditation with Mandala Offering Puja 

In this afternoon meditation Vessantara starts with a reading of a puja that is in ‘Creative symbols …

Vessantara 2020
When I Give, I Give Myself: Concluding Session 

In this final session we begin with expressing gratitude. Vessantara then summarises what has been explored …

Vessantara 2020
Bodhicitta Practice  

Vessantara gives a short introduction to the practice and then leads a meditation on the bodhicitta, evoking …

Vessantara 2020
Mandala Offering  

Vessantara begins by demonstrating a mandala offering, both with a mandala offering set and as a mudra. …

Vessantara 2020
5 Ways to Give 

Vessantara starts by leading a Bodhichitta meditation, then responds to a few questions about the practice. …

Vessantara 2020
Gambhiranandi - Full Moon Puja 

Gambhiranandi leads a Full Moon Puja dedicated to Ratnasambhava. The puja includes two invocations to Ratnasambhava written …

Gambhiranandi 2015
Awareness of Reality 

In the last talk in the series on the Four Dimensions of Awareness, Ratnaghosha speaks on Awareness of Reality; stepping …

Ratnaghosha 2016
Some Glimpses Into the Vision and (sometimes Messy) Unfolding of the Triratna Buddhist Order On It's 50th Anni 

A sneak preview of a number of 'voices' from the 50 Years, 50 Voices project, including Vessantara

Satyalila 2018
Die Prajnas, die weibliche Seite des Mandalas 

Allgemein nicht so bekannt gibt uns Nagadakini einen Einblick in die weibliche Seite des Buddha-Mandalas. Auf der Ebene von …

Nagadakini 2018
Midnight Star Puja to Tara with Karaniya Metta Sutta Reading 

The 'Midnight Start Puja to Tara' was written by Vessantara and is one of a set of five pujas …

Satyalila 2019
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