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Padmasambhava Practice – a Personal Unfolding 

In this wonderful personal talk about Padmasambhava, Vessantara talks about his connection with the strange …

Vessantara 2017
Introducing the Bodhicitta Practice Retreat 

Vessantara introduces the retreat, evokes Bhante and his memories of him, and leads through a grounding …

Vessantara 2020
Setting Up the Conditions For Bodhicitta Practice 

Vessantara talks a little bit about suffering, and evokes the mandala of protection in another guided m

Vessantara 2020
Blue Sky 

Vessantara introduces the blue sky and leads through this as a meditation.

Vessantara 2020
Four Gifts 

Flanked by the flowers and candles from the public and private ordination ceremonies that have taken place at Adhisthana …

Vessantara 2020
The Origin of Bodhicitta In the Brahma Viharas 

Essantara leads us in a short meditation followed by an introduction to the origin of the Bodhicitta in the brahma viharas, …

Vessantara 2020
The Bodhicitta Practice From the Perspective of the Three Myths 

Vessantara introduces the Three Myths of Self-Development, Self-Surrender, Self-Discovery and applies them …

Vessantara 2020
20 Points For Dealing with Overwhelm 

Vessantara introduces his 20 Points for Dealing with Overwhelm and leads us in a meditation focusing on …

Vessantara 2020
The Monarch, the Shepherd and the Ferryman 

Vessantara fleshes out different ways to approach the Bodhicitta practice, exploring the metaphors of the …

Vessantara 2020
Exploring the Three Myths  

Vessantara explores the three myths in terms of ‘inside’ versus ‘outside’ and ‘active’ versus …

Vessantara 2020
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