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The Burning House 

Starting from the Parable of the Burning House, this talk expands out to explore the Buddha's own perspective on how …

Satyalila 2019
The Raincloud 

Satyalila starts with the Parable of Raincloud and explores how important it is to allow ourselves to become 'our most …

Satyalila 2019
The Two Arrows 

Beginning with the Buddha's famous advice on dealing with suffering in the sutta on the 'two arrows' (the …

Satyalila 2019
The 5 Spiritual Faculties and the 20 Suggestions For Dealing with Overwhelm 

A talk followed by a guided reflection beginning a series of evenings at the Bristol Buddhist Centre on Vessantara's …

Taranita 2021
Sraddha and the Twenty Suggestions For Dealing with Overwhelm 

One of a series of talks from Bristol Buddhist Centre Sangha Night that explore Vessantara's 20 Suggestions …

Taranita 2021
When I Give, I Give Myself (series) 

'When I Give, I Give Myself, an online retreat led by Vessantara from Adhisthana in 2020. The retreat’s …

Unfolding Insight (series) 

This is the seventh in the series of very popular retreats on The Mandala of Spiritual Practice that Vessantara

Responding to the Burning World (series) 

In July 2019 Satyalila gave a series of three talks in Bristol - 'Responding to the Burning World'. Each talk takes a classic …

Integration (series) 

Recordings from the Integration retreat led by Vessantara at Adhisthana, February 2016. From The Mandala …

Dukkha and the Unbiased (series) 

In every moment we look at experience in ways that create dukkha or in ways that free ourselves and others from dukkha, and …

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