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20 Points For Dealing with Overwhelm 

Vessantara introduces his 20 Points for Dealing with Overwhelm and leads us in a meditation focusing on …

Vessantara 2020
5 Ways to Give 

Vessantara starts by leading a Bodhichitta meditation, then responds to a few questions about the practice. …

Vessantara 2020
8 Traditional Offerings  

Vessantara begins the session by discussing the 8 traditional offerings, and demonstrates the associated …

Vessantara 2020
A Limited Offer 

A spacious couple of talks, including led reflections, as part of week two of a course led by Vessantara

Vessantara 2013
Abundance, Simplicity and Sharing 

In this talk Vessantara reflects on some of the themes of our Buddhist Action Month - 'Abundance in …

Vessantara 2016
All Life is the Same  

Part of a series of talks from a retreat at Adhisthana on Bodhicitta: The Heart of Buddhism, May 2019.

Vessantara 2019
Aspects of Going For Refuge 

In this short series given at the Cambridge Buddhist Centre in early 2016, Vessantara explores Sangharakshitas …

Vessantara 2016
Awareness of Reality 

In the last talk in the series on the Four Dimensions of Awareness, Ratnaghosha speaks on Awareness of Reality; stepping …

Ratnaghosha 2016
Being On the Same Side As Other People 

Part of a series of talks and led meditation from a retreat at Adhisthana on Dukkha and the Unbiased.

Vessantara 2018
Blue Sky 

Vessantara introduces the blue sky and leads through this as a meditation.

Vessantara 2020
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