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Title Speaker Year
Spiritual Receptivity Retreat With Vessantara (Adhisthana 2017) - Day 1 

01 Beginning with a 20 minute sit connecting with the mandala of protection, followed an introduction to Spiritual Receptivity. 02 …

Vessantara 2017
Learning from Tibetan Buddhism - a Personal Account 

This is a personal account by Vessantara of his many years of engagement with Tibetan Buddhist approaches …

Vessantara 2005
07. What Vessantara has gained; the 4 Reminders; deeper appreciation of law of karma; developing Bodhichitta - Lo Jong; devotion to Dharma and faith - Dagyab and Trijang Rinpoches; a rounded tradition (6:55)
Vajrapani - Energy Unlimited 

Here's a cracking and wonderfully detailed talk by Vessantara, author of 'Meeting the Buddhas'. …

Vessantara 2003
Mantras of the Five Consorts 

This is a wee jewel of a previously unreleased recording by Vessantara. It's relatively uncommon to …

Vessantara 2004
Here Be Dragons: Pitfalls, Disasters and Dead-Ends on the Spiritual Quest 

Here is a hugely enjoyable piece by Vessantara - and something a little bit different from the average Dharma …

Vessantara 2002
Meditation - die Transformation des Geistes 

Der sehr erfahrene Meditationslehrer Vessantara erläutert in diesem Vortrag (Englisch mit deutscher …

Vessantara 2002
Tales of Freedom - Part 1 

Tales of Freedom

Vessantara 2000
Tales of Freedom - Part 2 

Tales of Freedom

Vessantara 2000
Tales of Freedom - Part 3 

Tales of Freedom

Vessantara 2000
Tales of Freedom - Part 4 

Tales of Freedom

Vessantara 2000
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