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Title Speaker Year
David Loy and Bhikkhu Bodhi 

Given on the World on Fire retreat at Adhisthana in June 2015. 0.00 Vaddhaka introduces David Loy and …

Vaddhaka 2015
Amoghasiddhi: The Lord of the Midnight Sun 

Vaddhaka can usually be relied on to give a pretty great talk - and this is no exception. Here we have a …

Vaddhaka 2001
The Evolution of the Bodhisattva Ideal 

An elegant description of the evolution of the Bodhisattva Ideal. Vaddhaka draws on his extensive reading …

Vaddhaka 2010
The Five Niyamas and the Evolution of the Human Brain 

In this talk, from 17th May at Sangha Night, Vaddhaka shares his reading and fascination of the meeting …

Vaddhaka 2010
Death and the Self, and the Buddha's Unanswered Questions 

On Sangha Night, Monday 6 December 2010, Vaddhaka delved into the Buddha's unanswered questions; questions …

Vaddhaka 2010
Imagining Amoghasiddhi 

In this imaginative and inspired talk Vaddhaka shares his own connection to the green Buddha of the north: …

Vaddhaka 2011
Buddhismus, Natur und Umwelt 

Im Laufe der Geschichte hat sich das Verhältnis des Menschen zur Natur gewandelt. Spätestens mit der beginnenden …

Vaddhaka 2013
What Money Can't Buy - Developing a Buddhist challenge to capitalist economic values 

'Anyone who believes in indefinite growth of anything physical on a physically finite planet is either mad or is an economist.' …

Vaddhaka 2012
Going Beyond Capitalism - A Buddhist Perspective 

Vaddhaka inspires Triratna Buddhists to learn more about economics and challenge the Neo-liberal economists …

Vaddhaka 2014
Beyond Capitalism- Radical Dharma For the Modern World 

In these two talks Vaddhaka explores the effects of capitalism on community and on work, and asks us to …

Vaddhaka 2015
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