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1 – 4 of 4 matches for Philosophy Symposium at Adhisthana in 2020

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Exploring Buddhist Modernism: An Introduction 

Dhivan, Silavadin and Matt Drage introduce the theme of their weekend Philosophy Symposium, …

Dhivan 2019
Sangharakshita As Buddhist Modernist: The Case of the Five Niyamas 

Any modern Buddhist thinker has to engage with scientific naturalism. In this talk, Dhivan shows how the teaching of the …

Dhivan 2019
Experience and Non-Experience Revisited 

In this talk, Matt Drage returns to Bhante's classic 1975 lecture, "Enlightenment as Experience and Non-Experience," …

Matt Drage 2020
Romantic Buddhism 

'When I give a sense of infinity to the finite, then I romanticise it'. These words of the poet and thinker Novalis …

Silavadin 2020