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Perfect work comes from the unification of pure wisdom and pure deeds

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The Poet's Way 

The Poet's Way, by Manjusvara from 'Wolf at the Door', is an evocative description of how words, used with care, can illuminate the spiritual path. One of a series of talks on the theme of 'A Force for Good in the World', given in the Dharma Parlour at the 2010 Buddhafield Festival in Somerset, UK

Manjusvara 2010
Half My Life In Triratna 

Celebrating having spent half his life in the Triratna Buddhist Community, Manjusvara shows what a full context it has given for his life, meeting his experience of Vision, embracing his artistic life, and offering growthful challenges, the support of friendship, and the opportunity of altruistic activity.

Manjusvara 2010
Some Glimpses Into the Vision and (sometimes Messy) Unfolding of the Triratna Buddhist Order On It's 50th Anni 

A sneak preview of a number of 'voices' from the 50 Years, 50 Voices project, including Vessantara on Bhante in the early days, Buddhadasa on the Order & Arya Sangha, Vajratara on what she loves about the Order, Manjusvara on why the Order isn't perfect and Parami & Shraddhavajri talking about changing the world. Satyalila explores why the Order matters, how we're still in the process of co-creating a new lineage together and how we can all take part in that! See for more on this project.

Satyalila 2018