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11 – 20 of 20 matches for Dharmagiri

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The Roots of Faith 

Saccanama explores the pre-Buddhist responses to goodness, truth and beauty that are the roots of faith; Jung’s 4 factors …

Saccanama 2019
The Conditions For the Arising of Buddhist Faith 

Siddhartha Gotama’s Going Forth as a response to suffering; the different kinds of suffering; cherish your dukkha. Recorded …

Saccanama 2019
Faith and the Moral Conscience 

The 3 grounds of faith; the 3 kinds of faith; faith, hri and apatrapya; the guardians of the world and the development of …

Saccanama 2019
Faith, Reverence and Gratitude 

The Garava Sutta; reverence is transcendental; infinite reverence; gratitude as knowledge of what has been done for one for …

Saccanama 2019
Faith and Betrayal 

What happens when things go wrong and we feel let down or betrayed? Taking responsibility for ourselves; no blame and ’tough …

Saccanama 2019
Faith, Insight and Transcending the Self 

What is Insight into anatta? Losing control and renouncing the self; overcoming pride; humiliation; the hearing wisdom. Recorded …

Saccanama 2019
Faith, the Crisis of the Self and Self-Surrender 

Three myths of spiritual life; the crisis of the self - reason and will are no longer able to cope; Shinran’s life; …

Saccanama 2019
Surrender, the 5 Niyamas and Going For Refuge 

How does shinjin or self-surrender fit with Sangharakshita’s developed teaching? The 5 Niyamas; dimensions of Going …

Saccanama 2019
‘To Place the Heart Upon’ - Exploring Faith in Buddhism (series) 

A series of 8 talks given (in English) at the Swedish Summer Retreat at Dharmagiri, July 2019 by Saccan

Anapanasati (på svenska) 

Fyra tal med meditation och övningar på svenska från en helg retreat för kvinnliga mitror och ordensmedlemmar, …

Pavarabodhi 2020
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