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Title Speaker Year
Dhardo Rimpoche and His Motto - Cherish the Doctrine. Live United. Radiate Love. 

Padmavajra 2014
A Living Bodhisattva - The Life of Dhardo Rimpoche 

Padmasagara 2021
Live United 

Vidyadaka 2021
01. Live United (47:38)
Cherish the Doctrine 

Padmasagara 2021
01. Cherish the Doctrine (57:58)
Radiate Love 

Dharmadipa 2021
01. Radiate Love (47:06)
Cherish the Doctrine 

Nagapriya 2002
The Message of Dhardo Rimpoche 

Sangharakshita 1991
02. How can we ‘Cherish The Doctrine’? (11:50)
03. How do we ‘Live United’? (5:18)
04. ‘Radiate Love’ and spiritual friendship (9:29)
From Kalimpong to Royal Oak Buddhist Roots & Identity 160628 

Mahaprabha 2016
A Living Bodhisattva (series)