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Meditation: Tending to the Energy Body 

Meditation on tuning directly to the energy body: a possible base practice. Part 7 of a series from the 2021 online retreat …

Nagesvara 2021
Meditation: Tuning to Wellbeing 

Meditation exploring modes of attention, as described in recording 21. Part 22 of a series from the 2021 online retreat …

Nagesvara 2021
Metta and Samadhi 

The range of possibilities for base practice. Different ways to incorporate metta. Using metta as a base practice. Part …

Dayajoti 2021
Mindfulness As Sacred Simplicity 

Mindfulness seems to be popping everywhere: in Vishvapani’s work as a mindfulness teacher, he engages with everyone …

Vishvapani 2017
Modes of Attention 

Detailed input about how to attend to experience in order to deepen Samādhi. The emphasis is on playful, creative exploration. …

Nagesvara 2021
Net of Jewels 

The Second of three talks by Saddhaloka on the Buddhafield East Summer Gathering. He talks about generosity …

Saddhaloka 2010
Not Knowing It Is Near, They Seek It Afar. What a Pity! 

The three 'Gateways to Freedom' (Vimoksa-Mukhas) from early Buddhism point to states of being that are always available …

Padmadharini 2012

An introduction to a 9 day intensive retreat for experienced practitioners. The retreat focuses on Samādhi, including dhyana, …

Dayajoti and Nagesvara 2021
Padmasambhava In the Land of the Flesh-Eating Ogres 

Padmasambhava left Tibet to travel to the Copper Coloured Mountain somewhere in the south-west. He went there to convert …

Padmavajra 2022
Perception and Conditionality 

Short talk on the insight dimension of playing with perception through Samādhi practice. Part 34 of a series from the …

Nagesvara 2021
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