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The culmination of wisdom is freedom from all views


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Why Care? 

Reflections on "care" as an approach to freedom and love. Being full of care reduces our separation from life and …

Danaraja 2017
Why Practise Samādhi? 

Describing some of the many different reasons to engage with Samādhi practice, this talk places Samādhi in the context …

Dayajoti 2021
Words Have the Power to Connect Or Create Walls 

Aniruddha is an Indian Order Member working as an NVC (Non-Violent Communication) trainer in India. This was given in 2009 …

Aniruddha 2009
Working with Contraction 

Noticing and working with contraction as an approach to the hindrances, especially in their subtle manifestations. Part …

Nagesvara 2021
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