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'Everything Matters and Nothing Is Lost' 

Kavyamani 2022
A Brief History of Buddhafield 

A brief history of Buddhafield, including its origins, early aspirations, mistakes, and evolution. Including …

Lokabandhu 2022
01. A Brief History of Buddhafield (49:19)
A Buddhist Approach to Changing the World (Buddhafield Green Earth Awakening May 2013) 

Lokabandhu explores how Buddhists might approach the heroic task of changing the world. After reviewing the Buddhist concept …

Lokabandhu 2013
01. A Buddhist Approach to Changing the World (Buddhafield Green Earth Awakening May 2013) (45:54)
A Few Points Then Lead-In to Meditation 

Includes an additional point on 'why practise Samādhi': for its own sake, its own beauty. Meditation has an …

Nagesvara 2021
A Little Talk About Fairies 

On our Summer retreat 'Buddhism and the Natural World' Amrita evokes the other world of spirits and natural forces. …

Amrta 2011
A Shambala Warrior In Hell and Other Ordinary Places 

Akuppa explores how someone practising the Dharma might respond if they found themselves in 'Hell and Other Ordinary …

Akuppa 2010
Awakening to the Earth - An Inconceivably Vast Undertaking 

A very personal talk by Satyajit, one of the founders of Buddhafield, exploring his approach to the connections …

Satyajit 2013
Beyond Hope and Hopelessness Dancing In the Ruins of Time 

Guhyapati is the founder of EcoDharma, a Triratna retreat centre in the Catalan Pyrenees. He offers a sober analysis of …

Guhyapati 2009
Body Scan: Feeling Safe 

Some ways to calm the stress response and feel more secure. Part 2 of a series from the 2021 online retreat Body of B

Dayajoti 2021
Buddhafield - Top Down Meets Ground Up 

Talk given at Men's National Order Weekend, Padmaloka April 2011.

Satyajit 2011
01. Buddhafield - Top Down Meets Ground Up (46:51)
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