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Perfect work comes from the unification of pure wisdom and pure deeds


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Title Speaker Year
Angulimala -- the Bandit In the Forest 

Sthirachitta tells the story of the bandit who hoped the Buddha's finger would complete his necklace of 1000 dead men's …

Sthirachitta 2011
01. Angulimala -- the Bandit In the Forest (43:52)
Like The Moon Released From A Cloud 

Suriyavamsa tells us the story of the murderer Angulimala, who has a complete change of heart after trying …

Suriyavamsa 2011
The Mystery of the Buddha 

Khemasuri tells the story of Angulimala's meeting with the Buddha, our understanding of time and space, …

Khemasuri 2010
O Etyce Buddyjskiej I Nieuciekaniu Sie Do Przemocy Jako Jej Podstawie (ahimsa) 

O etyce buddyjskiej, pieciu wskazowkach etycznych, a w szczegolnosci o pierwszej, czyli nieuciekaniu sie do przemocy (ahimsa). …

Paramartha 2011
Introducing Ethics: Resonating with Reality 

This talk was given on a retreat for Mitras at Taraloka in the summer of 2018 "Ethics: Resonating with Reality" "My …

Maitrisiddhi 2018
Moving Through Fear Into Love 

In this talk Satyakirti explores a set of ways through which we can work with fear in our practice, particularly through …

Satyakirti 2019
The Buddha, God, and Reality 

Having considered Buddhism (in 'The Buddha - Man or Superman' and 'Evolution: Lower and Higher') in terms …

Sangharakshita 1966
03. Zen: gradual and sudden schools;-the story of Angulimala (9:21)