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Title Speaker Year
Dharmapala College - Pratitya Samutpada 

The Dharmapala College and Dharmaduta study course are breaking new ground in facilitating a depth of critical Dharma engagement …

Various 2006
01. Saramati: Pratitya Samutpada (Conditioned Co-production) - Introduction, An Experiment in Critical Dharma Enquiry (14:56)
02. Subhuti: Pratitya Samutpada (Conditioned Co-production) - How the Buddha Sees Things (14:41)
03. Sagaramati: Pratitya Samutpada (Conditioned Co-production) - the Pali Sources (19:05)
04. Saramati: Pratitya Samutpada (Conditioned Co-production) - Critical Buddhism in Japan (16:11)
05. Vajradarshini: Pratitya Samutpada (Conditioned Co-production) - Mutual Causality and Dependent Arising (20:11)
06. Padmavajra: Pratitya Samutpada (Conditioned Co-production) - the Mythic Dimension (14:34)
Ethics in the Order, A Good Place to Start 

Speaking to a gathering of fellow members of the Triratna Buddhist Order, Khemasuri brilliantly combines an explanation of …

Khemasuri 2009
01. Outlining the influences on this talk including reflections on pratitya samutpada, paradigm shifts in science and Sangharakshita’s 1971 lecture ‘Evolution or extinction, a Buddhist view of world problems’. (4:54)
02. The significance and historical context of the pratitya samutpada teaching and a brief look at emergence. (2:47)
03. Cartesian and systems thinking and the relationship with pratitya samutpada. Properties of systems including feedback. More on emergence. (2:24)
Pratitya Samutpada oder die vier Prinzipien des Universums 

Warum leben wir? Was ist der Sinn? Ist alles Zufall oder vorbestimmt? Wie funktioniert das Universum? Die Fragen sind so …

Bodhimitra 2009
Moving Away From Superstition 

In the first of a series of three talks given at the Mahavihara Subhuti continues his Rambles format. In this series he …

Subhuti 2009
Rambles Around Reality - the 5 Niyamas 

In the first of this years 'rambles around reality' Subhuti talks about the fundamental basis of Buddhism's conception …

Subhuti 2010
Rambles Around the Imagination 2 - the Need For Clarity and Ethics 

The second talk on Imagination at the LBC. In this talk Subhuti emphasises the importance of clarity; as expressed in terms …

Subhuti 2010
Going For Refuge to the Dharma 

Part 3 of a 4-part series. An excellent talk from Dhammarati on the Dharma Jewel, with an emphasis on the practical and …

Dhammarati 2013
3. The Identity and Continuity of Mind. 

Exploring the philosophic ideas of identity and continuity, Subhuti shows how the mind has continuity but no identity. With …

Subhuti 2014
The Heart of the Dharma 

In this talk, Dharmaprabha explores conditioned co-production through her personal experience of living with a chronic illness. …

Dharmaprabha 2015
The Buddhist Teaching of Karma - and Its Dangers 

An introduction to the Buddhist teaching on Karma, with especial reference to it as part of the Buddha’s wider teaching …

Lokabandhu 2016
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