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Changing the Character of Experience 

In this very personal talk Devamitra explores how to deal with "the world's slow stain" through a series of …

Devamitra 2018
Dharmasri - An Introduction to Spiritual Death 

In this wide-ranging talk, Dharmasri continues our exploration of The Journey and The Guide by introducing the concept of …

Dharmasri 2016
What is Enlightenment? 

This is a quietly passionate talk by Jinapriya on the quicksilver nature of the Enlightenment experience - impossible to …

Jinapriya 2003
09. The story of Ban-zan and the Butcher; what is and what isn't; unwillingness to experience discomfort; allowing suffering in - positive emotion; mindfulness and metta as the same; the transcending of time - Meister Eckhart (5:13)
Der Geschmack der Freiheit 

Freiheit - eines der Worte, dessen Anziehungskraft sich kaum einer entziehen kann... Wer will schon nicht frei sein?! Aber …

Jnanacandra 2014
06. Positive Emotion - Karma verstehen. Befreiung von destruktiven Impulsen und negativen Emotionen (05:20)
Of Gods and Men - Launch of the Year of Positive Emotion At the London Buddhist Centre 

Talk by Jnanavaca to launch the London Buddhist Centre's Year of Positive Emotion at …

Jnanavaca 2011
01. Of Gods and Men - Launch of the Year of Positive Emotion At the London Buddhist Centre (1:06:59)
From View to No View 

Talk by Jnanavaca at the London Buddhist Centre in 2007 on views and the need for an emotional engagement with views; the …

Jnanavaca 2007
The System of Meditation 

A beautifully clear explanation of the Triratna system of meditation, practices to foster integration, positive

Kamalashila 2010
We Know What You've Studied, But What Have You Seen? 

This is the second talk in the series 'The Awakening Heart'. It touches on aspects of Sangharakshita's 'system …

Kulaprabha 2006
The Alchemy of Happiness 

Here's Kulaprabha's thoughtful take on the positive emotions cultivated in the 'Brahma Vihara' …

Kulaprabha 2007
05. Positive emotion bridging integration and spiritual death (4:54)
07. Vedana as fulcrum point between mindfulness and positive emotion (4:24)
10. Bhante's poem "The Bodhisattva's Reply" (2:58)
Positive Emotion - Skilled Action 

During a 4-day retreat in May 2013, at Dharmagiri retreatcenter, Sweden, Maitryeabandhu gave four seminars on 'The five …

Maitreyabandhu 2013
01. Positive Emotion - Skilled Action (1:24:21)
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