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Looking at the Bodhi Tree 

Here Sangharakshita reflects on the Buddha's achievement of Enlightenment, drawing our attention to an often overlooked …

Sangharakshita 1999
A Method of Personal Development 

In Buddhist practice, the traditional method of choice for effecting positive change in one's life is …

Sangharakshita 1976
09. The Metta Bhavana: the positive restructuring of consciousness (7:29)
10. The Four Limitless States; positive emotion and spiritual life; the development of calm and the development of Insight (10:17)
Luminous Love 

Speaking in a marquee on the June 2012 Women's National Order Weekend at Taraloka and in a landscape dedicated to the …

Samantabhadri 2012
Stages of the Spiritual Path - Positive Emotion 

Positive Emotion: how to use our positive experience and energy to take …

Saddhaloka 2013
01. Stages of the Spiritual Path - Positive emotion (36:16)
The Mandala of the Five Buddhas - Talk 3 - Ratnasambhava and the Mandala 

The third talk of Padmaloka's 2012 Winter Retreat on the Mandala.

Ratnaprabha 2012
The Underlying Pattern of the Spiritual Life 

In this talk Ratnaguna describes the five aspects of the spiritual path - integration, positive emotion, …

Ratnaguna 2012
Choosing the Best 

Continuing his series of six talks on the Five Stages of Spiritual Life, Ratnaghosha's third talk, Choosing the Best, …

Ratnaghosha 2016
The Awakening Heart 

This is the first talk in the series of the same name. It touches on aspects of Sangharakshita's 'system of meditation', …

Parami 2006
Great Stages of the Spiritual Path 

Padmavajra begins by reflecting on the incident early after the Buddha's Enlightenment when he looks for someone or something …

Padmavajra 2010
Introducing the Great Love 

This is the first in a five part series by Padmavajra on all aspects of the Metta Bhavana practice and 'The Great Love' …

Padmavajra 2004
02. Centrality of emotion; catching up with what we know - transforming emotion; alchemy (2:21)
05. No end to love; ecstatic, spontaneous emotion - expressed in deeds; story of Burmese gentleman (2:58)
06. Ideal of metta daunting; importance of bhavana - a tendency rather than a state; gentle and irresistable; starting point is friendly feelings; any positive emotion is extraodinarily important, what you concentrate on, that you become (4:48)
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