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Metta is something that must be lived


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Positive Emotion 

Sangha night talk exploring some of the ways we can cultivate and work with positive emotion

Mahasiddhi 2021
01. Positive Emotion (21:36)
Bodhicitta: The Heart of Buddhism (series) 

Vessantara led a retreat at Adhisthana exploring the Positive Emotion aspect of the Mandala …

Integration and Positive Emotion 

This talk was given at Tiratanaloka on a retreat for women who have asked for ordination as part of a series. Drawing on …

Vajratara 2018
01. Integration and Positive Emotion (1:03:23)
Living with Loving Kindness 

In this talk Vijayasri introduces us to metta, the basic teaching of the Buddha, by exploring the first chapter of Living …

Vijayasri 2018
Changing the Character of Experience 

In this very personal talk Devamitra explores how to deal with "the world's slow stain" through a series of …

Devamitra 2018
Shadows In the Forest 

Suryadarshini takes us into the forest to meet our shadows, drawing on traditional Buddhist sources and popular cultural …

Suryadarshini 2017
04. Moving into the penumbra: meeting the lost child with positive emotion (04:00)
Path As Symbol: Meditation As Personal Journey 

A series of talks and led practices exploring the system of practice in the context of meditation. These teachings were shared …

Singhashri 2017
03. Intro to positive emotion (09:35)
04. Led Dhyana meditation practice (positive emotion) (33:18)
Vajragupta - Positive Emotion 

Vajragupta continues exploring The Journey and The Guide with this talk on positive emotion. …

Vajragupta 2016
01. Vajragupta - Positive Emotion (46:35)
Vajragupta - Four Trainings to Build Positive Emotion 

In this talk, continuing our exploration of The Journey and The Guide, Vajragupta explores how we can build positive

Vajragupta 2016
01. Vajragupta - Four Trainings to Build Positive Emotion (54:30)
Vijayasri - Generosity As A Foundation Of Positive Emotion 

This is another talk in our exploration of The Journey and The Guide. Vijayasri considers how having generosity at the centre …

Vijayasri 2016
01. Vijayasri - Generosity As A Foundation Of Positive Emotion (40:36)
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