Meditation is the uninterrupted production of skilful mental states

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Who is Sangharakshita?

Sangharakshita is an Englishman, who was born in 1925 and discovered Buddhism after reading 'The Diamond Sutra' at age 16. He was posted to India during the Second World War and stayed on afterwards to pursue formal Buddhist training of various kinds. After about 20 years of broadening and deepening initiation and practice in several traditions notably Tibetan he returned to the U.K. in the mid '60s and went on to found the Western Buddhist Order (WBO) and Friends of the Western Buddhist Order (FWBO), now known as Triratna Buddhist Order and Triratna Buddhist Community.

His approach to Buddhism is characterised by an emphasis on commitment to living life in accordance with the teachings of the Buddha. In this sense, it is distinctly non-sectarian and non-proscriptive in terms of lifestyle; the key is, instead, to find and develop appropriate expressions of commitment in the modern world. There is also a growing part of the Triratna Order and Community in India. In the main, this consists of followers of Dr. Ambedkar, the great Indian leader of the Dalits, who converted to Buddhism to escape their suffering under the Hindu caste system.

Sangharakshita has written and published extensively on Buddhism. You can read some of his books here. You can also search and read his many seminars on this site, as well as hear many of his talks on Buddhism and meditation. Check out his website for what heʼs up to these days!

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