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Free Buddhist Audio has been built with the help of a great many people...

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First and foremost, thanks to Akasapriya, Candradasa, Will Elworthy, Rijupatha, Samudradaka, and Viriyalila for all their work in building and maintaining this site. And to Coleen Carpenter, Katja Prescher, and Mary Salome for advice and support that helped us expand the original vision.

We're also very grateful to the various trustees, past and present, of Dharmachakra, who have consistently put their faith in this project and been greatly supportive at key times.

And we pay tribute here to the generosity of the Triratna European Chairsʼ Assembly and the Windhorse Trust, whose ongoing funding support has been vital to our continuing work.

Weʼd like to acknowledge too the tremendous efforts of all those at Windhorse:Evolution Ltd., whose financial support over many years allowed our vision of a free service to take root and flourish.

And we wish to recognise the Faith Communities Capacity Building Fund (FCCBF) of the Community Development Foundation, whose generous grant for 2007-2008 enabled us to develop the community aspect of the site.

Special thanks to all of the following, who provided us with invaluable help in the creation of this service:

Aparimana, Bodhipaksha at Wildmind, Dassini, Dhammarati, Dharmashura, Björn Haßler, John Hunter, Jinamitra, Jinavamsa, Padmaloka Retreat Centre, Padmavyuha, Ratnaghosha, Urgyen Sangharakshita, Suriyavamsa, and Vajrananda.

If we have omitted anyone here by mistake, we salute you too!