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  1. Akasapriya


    I created free buddhist audio with Candradasa in 2005-6 and we continued developing the site in subsequent years. As Samudradaka eased himself into the lead developer's chair, I was able to step back, though Iʼm still actively involved as a consultant with both fba and the new Triratna Buddhist Community website. After 15 years in Cambridge, I now live in London where I am studying full-time for a fine art degree.

    Candradasa and I had been friends for years before we started work on the site, and that's largely why I got involved with it. Wanting to help a friend with a worthwhile project has always been my main motivation for working in team-based right livelihood.

  2. Candradasa


    I am the Director of the Dharmachakra Archives, the non-profit/charity that runs Free Buddhist Audio and the new Triratna Buddhist Community website. Iʼve worked here since 1996!

    I love the possibilities the internet opens up for communicating our values as a community. It's been amazing to be part of the journey that's seen our archive grow from a small tape company selling a few thousand handmade audio cassettes into a major online space for Buddhist audio and texts.

    It's pretty exciting to watch as hundreds of thousands of lives are touched by the Dharma each year and, hopefully, made a little brighter by the experience! Connecting with my own Buddhist friends and colleagues helps keep me inspired in my own life and practice, so it's very cool that I get to work on projects that help make this possible for others too.

    When I'm not geeking out on the Buddhist web, I like to write and play music, work on poems and stories, and spend time with friends. I am from Scotland but I currently live and work in Portsmouth, NH, in the U.S.A.

  3. Coleen


    My experience of fba is that without it, I wouldn't have the chance to hear others in Triratna teach. And nor would some of the students I work with on mindfullness and meditation courses. And it would be a lot harder to keep going without that inspiration and sense of connection.

    As far as the Dharma Training Course for Mitras we've worked on is concerned – well, I don't know what to say to express the gratitude I feel to have been so privileged to be allowed to work on Dharma talks produced by the finest minds in Triratna.

  4. Eric


    In spring 2009 I joined fba as the Community Liaison, working with the ins and outs of our wonderful community and generally assisting in any way I can to grease the wheels behind the scenes and make things run a bit more smoothly.

    I am continually thrilled and honored to be a part of the fba team. Working in a Right Livelihood project like this one, with other serious Buddhists, provides an opportunity to build incredibly close working and personal relationships that are based on genuine trust, caring, and common values. I've learned a tremendous amount about myself and it's a joy to work for such a noble cause, spreading the Dharma across the internet and into the 21st century.

    When I'm not at fba, or exploring the many facets of Buddhist practice in my journey to ordination and beyond, I spend my time as a stay-at-home dad of two spectacular girls, and moonlight as a freelance designer/illustrator.

  5. Mary


    I have been a media activist since the early 90s, working first in community radio and later Web development, focusing for the last ten years on producing web sites and CD-ROMs related to HIV/AIDS prevention, policy and care. I am a Mitra and I live in San Francisco. You could say all of this makes me something of a scrappy multimedia nerd with a deepening interest in the Dharma.

    In 2008 I found myself saying “I have a DAT player” in response to a casual comment about fba's need to transfer old recordings to wav format. Over time, this initial volunteer offering opened the door to other opportunities to help, including assisting with fundraising and babbling about browsers.

    I've gained so much from listening to the talks on fba that it's truly a pleasure to offer what I can in return to support the work.

  6. Samudradaka


    I am the main website programmer for free buddhist audio, having taken over in 2008 from Akasapriya who originally coded the site. I'm enjoying working with the rest of the free buddhist audio team as part of an international virtual team! I also run my own web design business called Circular Cube.

    I'm currently living in Saudi Arabia with my wife and am living on the Kaust university campus where my wife is employed. Having never been to the Middle East before I'm enjoying learning more about their culture and exploring the area. The university itself, which has been set up by King Abdullah, is quite ground breaking for Saudi Arabia in that it is the first place where men and women can study together and where some of the usual codes of conduct like dress are relaxed.

    While out here I hope to visit the desert, scuba dive in the Red Sea and add a few Arabian riffs to my guitar playing repertoire!

  7. Viriyalila


    I have been very fond of the work of Dharmachakra for many years. As the person who volunteered to make copies of the cassette tapes for the old Mitra study course and having to buy a full set of the CDs produced during the Digital Legacy campaign (almost 300 of them!) – I have often reflected on how much I value this opportunity to be in touch with the wider movement.

    When Candradasa moved to the U.S., I was honored to get to know the ins and outs of the development of free buddhist audio, the internet home for many hundreds of hours of archived audio and text material collected over the last 40+ years.

    It was to my great surprise and delight when last year the conditions came together to join the team itself, first providing part time book keeping services, and now as a full time member of the team looking after all aspects of finances and fundraising.