Perfect work comes from the unification of pure wisdom and pure deeds

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TitleSpeaker Year Uploaded
Awareness Is RevolutionaryVidyamala201309/04/2013
Body ScanVidyamala201902/10/2019
Body Scan Including the Three Spheres and DiaphragmsVidyamala201926/09/2019
Body Scan Letting Go of ClingingVidyamala201927/09/2019
Body Scan MeditationVidyamala200902/07/2009
Body Scan On the Three Sphere, the Three Diaphragms and FlowVidyamala201927/09/2019
Can Buddhism Survive and Thrive In a Secular World?Vidyamala201117/06/2011
Citta - Fragments On LoveVidyamala201717/01/2019
Citta and BodhicittaVidyamala201817/01/2019
Dhammas and ConditionalityVidyamala201717/01/2019
Dhammas and KindnessVidyamala201817/01/2019
Dukkha and SraddhaVidyamala202027/11/2020
Dying to LiveVidyamala200313/02/2007
From Pinball Machine to RiverVidyamala201623/05/2016
Going Beyond Secular Mindfulness - VidyamalaVidyamala201702/10/2017
Introduction and Overview of the Satipatthana SuttaVidyamala201926/09/2019
Introduction to Breathing PhysiologyVidyamala201926/09/2019
Introduction to Citta and Dhyana with Guided MeditationVidyamala201926/09/2019
Introduction to the Physiology of Breathing and Led Breath InquiryVidyamala201902/10/2019
Introduction to VedanaVidyamala201926/09/2019
Investigating Suffering In Our ExperienceVidyamala202027/11/2020
Metta Bhavana with a Focus On VedanaVidyamala202027/11/2020
Mindfulness and the ImaginationVidyamala201817/01/2019
My Practice in Everyday Life - VidyamalaVidyamala200911/06/2009
Overview of the Five Stages of the System of PracticeVidyamala201902/10/2019
A Personal Talk On the Bodhisattva IdealVidyamala200510/02/2010
Refuge Tree Series: DogenVidyamala200815/11/2010
Refuge Tree Series: Dogen ReadingsVidyamala200815/11/2010
Refuge Tree Series: HakuinVidyamala200815/11/2010
Satipatthana Sutta - Introduction and OverviewVidyamala201717/01/2019
Three Diaphragm Breath EnquiryVidyamala201926/09/2019
Vedana and GrowthVidyamala201817/01/2019
The Way of Mindfulness - Introduction to the Satipatthana SuttaVidyamala201621/10/2016
The Way of Mindfulness Week 1 - Awareness MeditationVidyamala201621/10/2016
The Way of Mindfulness Week 2 - Body Scan (Breath-Based)Vidyamala201621/10/2016
The Way of Mindfulness Week 3 - Vedana MeditationVidyamala201621/10/2016
The Way of Mindfulness Week 4 - Unworldly Vedana MeditationVidyamala201621/10/2016
The Way of Mindfulness Week 5 - Citta MeditationVidyamala201621/10/2016
The Way of Mindfulness Week 6 - Working with Thoughts and Emotions MeditationVidyamala201621/10/2016
The Way of Mindfulness Week 7 - Hindrances and Awakening Factors MeditationVidyamala201621/10/2016
What the World Needs - Looking Ahead 50 YearsVidyamala201729/01/2019
Working with Thoughts and EmotionsVidyamala201926/09/2019