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TitleSpeaker Year Uploaded
Beyond FearVadanya201930/05/2019
Bodhidharma and Zen BuddhismVadanya201408/05/2014
Brahmas RequestVadanya200606/08/2012
Breaking ThroughVadanya201924/05/2019
Buddhism Through Time and SpaceVadanya201308/04/2015
Conclusion of the Refuge TreeVadanya200603/08/2012
Cutting the BondsVadanya201814/02/2018
Enlightenment Erupts In Our WorldVadanya201310/04/2015
Entering the MandalaVadanya201924/05/2019
Face To Face With RealityVadanya201119/09/2011
Falling In Love, the Vajrayana WayVadanya201904/12/2019
Fighting the Fivefold FearVadanya201305/07/2013
The Flaming Sword of WisdomVadanya200710/08/2012
The Gesture of MeditationVadanya200607/08/2012
The Great Hidden Treasures of PadmasambhavaVadanya200806/03/2013
Green Nettle Eating YogiVadanya200707/02/2013
Half Animal Half HumanVadanya200707/08/2012
The Heart of Perfect WisdomVadanya201822/11/2018
The Image of the BuddhaVadanya200606/08/2012
In the Lotus SutraVadanya200707/08/2012
Introduction to Puja (Touching the Sublime)Vadanya200809/02/2013
Inviting the Enlightened MindVadanya201709/10/2017
Is the Buddha Dead - For UsVadanya201116/11/2011
Jagdish KashyapVadanya200603/08/2012
The Lampton WormVadanya200707/08/2012
The Last Days of The BuddhaVadanya200808/02/2013
Living BackwardsVadanya201913/11/2019
Making Change HappenVadanya201914/04/2019
Making Life MagicVadanya201923/10/2019
Making the Pure LandVadanya201902/11/2019
Meghiya and The Path - Beyond IndividualismVadanya200707/02/2013
Mind TrainedVadanya201917/04/2019
Pinghiya's Praises Of The Way To The BeyondVadanya200808/02/2013
Positive EmotionVadanya200710/08/2012
The Power of DesireVadanya201924/07/2019
Progression of Buddhism Into ChinaVadanya201424/04/2014
Quarrel At KosambhiyaVadanya201307/02/2013
The Return JourneyVadanya200808/02/2013
Self DevelopmentVadanya200707/08/2012
Self DiscoveryVadanya200707/08/2012
Spiritual Death and Spiritual RebirthVadanya200710/08/2012
Stirring the DepthsVadanya201409/03/2015
Stuck In a RutVadanya200710/08/2012
The StupaVadanya200607/08/2012
Sunlight On SnowVadanya200722/08/2012
Supported by the WorldVadanya201913/04/2019
Sutra of Golden Light - Part 1Vadanya200926/01/2011
A Talk on the BodhicaryavataraVadanya201011/10/2010
Tantric ScroogeVadanya201918/12/2019
The Teachings of VairocanaVadanya201109/02/2011
Triratna BuddhismVadanya201026/10/2010
The Truth About RealityVadanya200707/02/2013
Using Your HeadVadanya201921/08/2019
Vajrapani The Dharma ProtectorVadanya200710/08/2012
Vicious Circles and Doorways to FreedomVadanya202023/04/2020
The Wheel of Life (the Six Realms)Vadanya200603/08/2012
The Wheel, The Spiral and The GoalVadanya202008/01/2020
Wisdom In The WorldVadanya201207/08/2012