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The culmination of wisdom is freedom from all views

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TitleSpeaker Year Uploaded
Wardha TalkSubhuti200323/08/2006
Warud TalkSubhuti200523/08/2006
Welcome and Introduction - Order Retreat BodhgayaSubhuti202023/03/2020
Wesak At the LBCSubhuti200923/02/2011
What Are Views?Subhuti201924/04/2019
What Babasaheb Achieved and Why He Chose the Buddha-DhammaSubhuti200917/12/2009
What Is Bodhicitta and How We Develop It In the Sadhana - SangharamaSubhuti202016/03/2020
What Is CasteSubhuti200705/04/2010
What Is MindSubhuti201524/07/2015
What Is Stupa ? -SangharamaSubhuti201924/02/2020
What Is the Order? - RevisitedSubhuti201709/11/2017
What the World Needs Now: Seminar with Subhuti - An International Community, a Transcendental VisionSubhuti202214/04/2022
Whats is Sangharama ? - SangharamaSubhuti201918/02/2020
Where the Bodhisattva Is Said to Have Practiced Tapasya - IBYC BodhgayaSubhuti202030/03/2020
Who We Are - Introducing the Wider MovementSubhuti200923/03/2010
Why Do I Suffer? (Subhuti In Conversation with Subhadramati)Subhuti201927/11/2019
Wise Attention: Sunyata + the Maya WaySubhuti201718/09/2017
With Loyalty to My Teachers - Ordination Vows - Talk TwoSubhuti201207/08/2012
The Workings of KarmaSubhuti201002/04/2010
Wrong View and Right ViewSubhuti201924/04/2019