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Perfect work comes from the unification of pure wisdom and pure deeds

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TitleSpeaker Year Uploaded
Land of Shadows and Mystery - Amoghasiddhi and the All-accomplishing WisdomSubhuti200914/11/2009
Launching the India Dhamma Trust: The Order In North IndiaSubhuti201027/08/2010
The Laws of LifeSubhuti201025/08/2010
Layers of Views In the Twofold VeilSubhuti201924/04/2019
Lead-through of the Going for Refuge and Prostration PracticeSubhuti199214/08/2006
Led Meditation - the Six BardosSubhuti201112/07/2011
Led Meditation: Recollecting the BuddhaSubhuti201114/03/2011
Led Six Element PractiseSubhuti201002/04/2010
The Life of Dr Ambedkar; Birth to Yerowada Jail Part 1Subhuti200729/09/2010
Life of Dr Ambedkar; From Yerowada Jail to Mass Conversion Part 2Subhuti200729/09/2010
The Life of the Buddha – TeachingSubhuti200711/03/2010
Living Wisely - Questions and AnswersSubhuti201512/03/2015
Living Wisely - ReflectionSubhuti201512/03/2015
Living Wisely 1Subhuti201512/03/2015
Living Wisely 2Subhuti201512/03/2015
Living Wisely 3Subhuti201512/03/2015
Living Wisely 4Subhuti201512/03/2015