Awareness is revolutionary

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TitleSpeaker Year Uploaded
10 Points For An Awakening SanghaSinghamati201714/11/2017
Awareness Is RevolutionarySinghamati201428/02/2014
Being and Building a Sangha HeartSinghamati201713/01/2017
Being with the BuddhaSinghamati201224/05/2012
Being with the Buddha Through EthicsSinghamati201224/05/2012
Being with the Buddha Through MeditationSinghamati201224/05/2012
Being with the Buddha Through WisdomSinghamati201224/05/2012
Being with the Buddha: the Buddha As a Spiritual FriendSinghamati202031/01/2020
Body Scan MeditationSinghamati201802/04/2019
Brahma ViharasSinghamati201708/03/2017
Daring to Dream: Awakening Our Collective Heart. A Vision For the Birmingham Buddhist CentreSinghamati201617/11/2016
Embracing DoubtSinghamati201703/05/2017
Faith Is Innate, Doubt AcquiredSinghamati201209/02/2012
The Fetter of Doubt and IndecisionSinghamati202027/11/2020
Going For Refuge - Reflecting On Our LivesSinghamati201916/06/2019
Integration: a Path to WholenessSinghamati201630/11/2016
Intensity At TaralokaSinghamati201311/08/2013
Introduction to MettaSinghamati201708/03/2017
Learning to Do Good and the Practice of GenerositySinghamati201901/02/2019
Metta - a Thread That ConnectsSinghamati201312/05/2013
Mindfulness of Breathing: a Lead Through of the Four Stage PracticeSinghamati202006/02/2020
Mindfulness of Breathing: a Led Three Stage PracticeSinghamati202006/02/2020
The Next Generation of Triratna Research and IdeasSinghamati201421/04/2014
Peace Is a FireSinghamati201505/04/2016
The Rite of DestructionSinghamati202025/11/2020
Skillful Action: "cease to Do Evil, Learn to Do Good, Purify the Heart"Singhamati201918/01/2019
Three Paths to Transformation: Self Development, Self Discovery, Self SurrenderSinghamati201909/10/2019
The Transformational Practice of Going On RetreatSinghamati201703/02/2017
A Vision For the Young Facilitators Kula and the Young Persons' ProjectSinghamati201213/03/2012
Working with EnergySinghamati201125/11/2011