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TitleSpeaker Year Uploaded
Bodhicaryavatara Week 1Silapiya201301/10/2013
Going For Refuge Week 7 - Levels of Going For RefugeSilapiya201524/12/2014
The Meaning of Going For RefugeSilapiya201411/12/2014
Milarepa - Beyond FearSilapiya201429/08/2014
Milarepa - Fear and FearlessnessSilapiya201422/08/2014
Myths and Parables From the White Lotus Sutra ; The Burning HouseSilapiya201505/06/2015
Myths and Parables From the White Lotus Sutra ; The Jewel and the DrunkardSilapiya201520/05/2015
Supra Personal Force Seminar Week 3Silapiya201323/04/2013
Tantric Symbols Week 12 - The Stupa Pt 1Silapiya201403/06/2014
The Taste Of FreedomSilapiya201210/09/2012
Triratna Emphases - Spiritual FriendshipSilapiya201313/08/2013
Vimalakirti Nidesa - Skilful MeansSilapiya201219/11/2012
Wisdom Seminar Week 4 - Images of EmptinessSilapiya201310/12/2013