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TitleSpeaker Year Uploaded
Adhistana Y Los 4 Linajes En TriratnaParami201416/11/2014
After the EnlightenmentParami201820/05/2018
Alabanza Al Buda ShakyamuniParami201618/11/2016
The Awakening HeartParami200623/05/2008
Bajo El Arbol BodhiParami201005/09/2011
Being an Individual Within a Collective PracticeParami200309/11/2006
Breaking the Bonds of Selfhood Through Serving the DhammaParami201314/03/2013
Buddha Day 2012Parami201210/05/2012
The Buddha Jewel In ScotlandParami201921/07/2020
Buddhanussati: What would the Buddha do now?Parami200915/11/2010
Buddhism and PeaceParami201108/08/2011
Budismo Y La PazParami201326/03/2013
Business As Usual - Adhisthana and the BodhichittaParami201316/01/2014
Carrying the Flame of the Lineage of InspirationParami201926/02/2019
Celebracion Dia De La SanghaParami201207/06/2013
Charla Kalyana MitrataParami201507/04/2015
Community and the New SocietyParami201013/04/2010
Como Responder Creativemente Al Sufrimiento Del MundoParami202120/03/2021
Eight Verses For Training the Mind - Verses 7-8Parami201821/12/2018
Energy At Its Most AbundantParami200215/08/2006
Facing the DemonsParami201814/08/2018
For the Benefit of All BeingsParami201818/04/2018
The Group and the Spiritual CommunityParami201703/02/2017
In the Bleak MidwinterParami201016/08/2011
Interview with ParamiParami201719/05/2017
Karaniya Metta SuttaParami202110/12/2021
Karuna, das große MitgefühlParami200312/10/2010
La Comunidad Y La Amistad EspiritualParami201529/11/2015
La SanghaParami201018/05/2010
La Sociedad AlternativaParami201726/09/2017
The Lineage of InspirationParami201527/12/2015
Living In The Greater MandalaParami201506/11/2015
Los Cuatro RegalosParami201007/10/2010
Love and Loss On Parnirvana Day At Newcastle CentreParami202117/05/2021
A New Poem From SangharakshitaParami201411/09/2014
Out of Compassion for the WorldParami200811/06/2008
Parami - Buddha Day Festival TalkParami201616/05/2016
Parami’s Personal Wishlist For the Next 20 YearsParami201912/12/2019
The Path to Buddhist EngagementParami201627/06/2016
The Power of CommunityParami201513/07/2015
Responding to the Cries of the WorldParami201316/04/2013
Revisiting the New SocietyParami201511/07/2015
The Revolutionary Power of LoveParami202111/01/2021
Sangha VandanaParami201119/09/2011
Shifting to Indras NetParami201511/07/2015
The Three Protectors: AvalokitesvaraParami202112/04/2021
The Three Protectors: ManjusriParami202117/03/2021
The Three Protectors: VajrapaniParami202112/04/2021
Under the Bodhi TreeParami201010/02/2011
Virya and the WindhorseParami202009/09/2020
Virya Is Energy In the Pursuit of the Good (Shantideva)Parami202028/07/2021
Wesak TalkParami201010/06/2010
Women Elders of the Triratna Buddhist Community - ParamiParami201203/05/2013