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TitleSpeaker Year Uploaded
Alchemical Heart Retreat, Talk 10Paramananda201821/09/2018
Alchemical Heart Retreat, Talk 3Paramananda201818/09/2018
Alchemical Heart Retreat, Talk 4Paramananda201818/09/2018
Alchemical Heart Retreat, Talk 5Paramananda201818/09/2018
Alchemical Heart Retreat, Talk 6Paramananda201818/09/2018
Alchemical Heart Retreat, Talk 7Paramananda201818/09/2018
Alchemical Heart Retreat, Talk 8Paramananda201821/09/2018
Alchemical Heart Retreat, Talk 9Paramananda201821/09/2018
The Alchemical Heart Talk 1Paramananda201821/09/2018
Becoming a Sage - the Buddha's StruggleParamananda201224/05/2012
Change Your Mind - Body Awareness And RelaxationParamananda199801/08/2011
Comments and Questions On Metta MeditationParamananda201124/03/2011
Hillman, Archetypal Psychology and BuddhismParamananda201509/11/2015
Kasyapa and the FlowerParamananda201725/10/2017
Mantra MeditationParamananda201024/05/2010
Mantra Meditation Q and AParamananda201024/05/2010
The MoonParamananda201602/05/2016
The Nature of TransformationParamananda201409/12/2014
Poetry, Soulmaking and MeditationParamananda201002/12/2010
Question Time PA, RP, KS 711Paramananda201107/07/2011
Reflections On DeathParamananda201226/11/2012
The Sangha JewelParamananda201411/11/2014
Six Element PracticeParamananda201608/09/2016
Solitude and MeditationParamananda201416/04/2014
Story: The King and the Silent BuddhaParamananda201128/01/2011
Vajrapani and Led Energy MeditationParamananda201502/06/2015
A Vison For the New West London Buddhist CentreParamananda201417/09/2014