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TitleSpeaker Year Uploaded
Wall GazingPadmavajra200424/03/2008
The Waste Land and the Found ChildPadmavajra200908/01/2010
The Way of the Dharma WarriorPadmavajra201320/06/2013
What Is a DisciplePadmavajra201412/03/2015
What is the OrderPadmavajra201005/03/2010
What Is The Order?Padmavajra201121/06/2011
Who-S Sphere Is Endless - Verses From The Dhammapada 1Padmavajra201208/08/2012
With Loyalty to My TeachersPadmavajra201721/08/2017
With Loyalty to My Teachers & In Harmony with Friends and BrethrenPadmavajra200224/03/2008
The Word of the BuddhaPadmavajra200808/02/2013
The Working Basis - Our Precious Human LifePadmavajra200821/05/2009