I rely on the counsels of the ear-whispered tradition (Milarepa)

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TitleSpeaker Year Uploaded
The Abandonment of All Defects of MaraKulaprabha200620/05/2008
The Alchemy of HappinessKulaprabha200722/05/2008
Brahma Viharas and the Key MomentKulaprabha200516/06/2009
Buddha Nature - It's Good, But is it Enough?Kulaprabha200804/06/2008
Contemplating the Suffering of BeingsKulaprabha201024/03/2010
Her Right Hand in the Gift-Bestowing GestureKulaprabha200620/05/2008
Her Two Hands Are the Two TruthsKulaprabha200620/05/2008
Maturing the Mind - Introduction to the Four RemindersKulaprabha200807/06/2008
On the Hymn to Perfect WisdomKulaprabha200617/05/2008
Opening the Great Gates - Doorways to LiberationKulaprabha200211/12/2006
Reflection on the Blue SkyKulaprabha200605/02/2009
Reflection on the Eight FreedomsKulaprabha200827/06/2008
Reflection on the Five SkandhasKulaprabha200617/05/2008
Reflection on the Ten EndowmentsKulaprabha200827/06/2008
Reflections on the ElementsKulaprabha200605/02/2009
The Single Face of the Chief LadyKulaprabha200620/05/2008
Six Element Practice - Talks and Lead ThroughKulaprabha200604/05/2009
Six Element Practice and the Dhatuvibhanga suttaKulaprabha200710/12/2009
System of Meditation Retreats - Spiritual Death, Fear and FearlessnessKulaprabha200821/08/2008
Taraloka Energy Project InterviewsKulaprabha201029/06/2010
This Precious Human LifeKulaprabha200808/06/2008
Vasubandhu's Treatise on Generating Bodhi ResolveKulaprabha200925/11/2009
We Know What You've Studied, But What Have You Seen?Kulaprabha200623/05/2008