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TitleSpeaker Year Uploaded
'Buddhism & World Problems' (The Bi-Tendential Value of Being & The Greater Mandala - Week 3)Jnanavaca201915/10/2019
'The Inconceivable Dimension of Buddhahood'Jnanavaca201901/08/2019
The Bi-Tendential Value of Being & The Greater Mandala - Week 1Jnanavaca201902/10/2019
The Big Questions: What About Rebirth?Jnanavaca201913/08/2019
Bodhicaryavatara Week 7 Wisdom and RealityJnanavaca201328/10/2013
Bodhicaryavatara Week 8 Wisdom and Reality (continued)Jnanavaca201306/11/2013
Breaking Through Into BuddhahoodJnanavaca201203/09/2012
Buddhism & Quantum PhysicsJnanavaca201912/12/2019
Buddhism and Quantum PhysicsJnanavaca200514/08/2006
Buddhism and the Big Bang - a Five Week SeminarJnanavaca201125/04/2011
Buddhism, Modern Physics and the Nature of RealityJnanavaca201017/02/2011
Cambridge Science Festival TalksJnanavaca201720/03/2017
Consciousness Unflods - Week FiveJnanavaca201504/06/2015
Consciousness Unflods - Week OneJnanavaca201512/05/2015
Consciousness Unflods - Week ThreeJnanavaca201521/05/2015
Consciousness Unflods - Week TwoJnanavaca201514/05/2015
Consciousness Unfolds - Week FourJnanavaca201528/05/2015
Creative Symbols of Tantric BuddhismJnanavaca202009/01/2020
Creative Symbols of Tantric Buddhism - Week 10 - PadmasambhavaJnanavaca201420/05/2014
A Deeper Perspective - From Copernicus to a Revolution In ConsciousnessJnanavaca201921/03/2019
The Diamond ThroneJnanavaca201522/01/2015
The Difference Between Guilt and ShameJnanavaca201612/09/2018
Dukkha In MeditationJnanavaca202013/10/2020
Entering the Sphere of EnlightenmentJnanavaca200917/02/2011
Eros and Beauty - Jnanavaca On FireJnanavaca201526/03/2015
An Essential Matter - The Demon of MaterialismJnanavaca201010/06/2010
The Ethical UniverseJnanavaca201904/02/2019
Evolution Or Extinction - (the Buddhist Approach To) Current World ProblemsJnanavaca201210/09/2012
Exploring Insight: Three MythsJnanavaca201907/10/2019
Freedom Or DeathJnanavaca201929/05/2019
From View to No ViewJnanavaca200717/02/2011
Game of ChessJnanavaca201512/01/2015
Going For Refuge Week 6 - The Three Jewels and the Esoteric RefugesJnanavaca201423/12/2014
The Great Stages of the PathJnanavaca201013/07/2010
The Great Stages of the Path - Launch of the Year of Integration At the LBCJnanavaca201017/02/2011
Heart of Wisdom, Mind of Love - Week 1Jnanavaca201908/01/2019
Heart of Wisdom, Mind of Love - Week 2Jnanavaca201918/01/2019
The Heart SutraJnanavaca201920/02/2019
Imagining the Buddha - A Four Week Seminar Exploring the Verses of the Tiratana VandanaJnanavaca201117/06/2011
The Inconceivable EmancipationJnanavaca201712/09/2018
Is a Guru NecessaryJnanavaca201217/09/2012
Is Buddhism a Religion?Jnanavaca200917/02/2011
The Journey and the Guide - Week Five - Spiritual DeathJnanavaca201503/12/2015
The Kiss of Fire - Launch of the Year of Spiritual DeathJnanavaca201218/01/2012
Launch of the LBC Year of Dharmic ReceptivityJnanavaca201428/01/2014
Launch of the LBC Year of Spiritual RebirthJnanavaca201315/01/2013
Mandala Evening 2016 - The Year of GivingJnanavaca201626/01/2016
Mandala Evening 2018: The Action of LiberationJnanavaca201812/09/2018
Mandala Evening 2018: The Action of LiberationJnanavaca201812/09/2018
Manjugosha Festival DayJnanavaca201316/04/2013
Milarepa - the Mahamudra ViewJnanavaca201412/11/2014
Mind Over MatterJnanavaca201516/09/2015
The Mystery of the VoidJnanavaca201627/05/2016
Myths and Parables From the White Lotus Sutra ; The Eternal BuddhaJnanavaca201526/05/2015
Not About Being Good - Creative MindJnanavaca202024/01/2020
Of Gods and Men - Launch of the Year of Positive Emotion At the London Buddhist CentreJnanavaca201124/01/2011
On LiesJnanavaca201627/01/2016
Parables From the White Lotus Sutra - the Burning HouseJnanavaca201508/04/2015
Peace Is a FireJnanavaca201917/09/2019
The Power of InitiationJnanavaca202027/02/2020
Prajna Jnanavaca202013/10/2020
Reaction Practice to Deepen InsightJnanavaca202013/10/2020
Reflections on the Zenpo ZidelJnanavaca201618/04/2016
Responding to SufferingJnanavaca201502/07/2015
The River of FireJnanavaca200801/05/2008
Self Transcendence continued Jnanavaca202013/10/2020
Self-Discovery and ManjughoshaJnanavaca202013/10/2020
Self-Surrender and the Myth of OrdinationJnanavaca202013/10/2020
Seminar: Wisdom For a World On Fire - Week 1Jnanavaca201806/11/2018
Staring At the Sun (Winter Retreat Dec 2010)Jnanavaca201016/02/2011
Supra Personal Force Seminar Week 6Jnanavaca201307/05/2013
Supra Personal Force Seminar Week 7Jnanavaca201306/06/2013
A Supra-Personal ForceJnanavaca201625/03/2016
A Supra-Personal Force - Further ReflectionsJnanavaca201625/03/2016
The Sword, the Book & the SunJnanavaca201712/09/2018
Symbols of Tantric Buddhism Week 1Jnanavaca201425/03/2014
Symbols of Tantric Buddhism Week 2Jnanavaca201425/03/2014
Symbols of Tantric Buddhism Week 5Jnanavaca201409/04/2014
The Texture of RealityJnanavaca201621/04/2016
To the Sangha For Refuge I GoJnanavaca201127/12/2011
Touching the VoidJnanavaca200424/03/2008
Triratna Emphases - Going For RefugeJnanavaca201330/07/2013
Vajrasattva: Not About PurityJnanavaca200917/02/2011
Vajrasatva, Time, Space & RainbowsJnanavaca201930/12/2019
What Is Sangha & Kalyana Mitrata?Jnanavaca201929/10/2019
What The World Needs NowJnanavaca201604/01/2016
Who Hates the Metta Bhavana Wk 1 Part 1Jnanavaca201318/06/2013
Who Hates the Metta Bhavana Wk1 Part 2Jnanavaca201325/06/2013
Who Hates the Metta Bhavana Wk2Jnanavaca201302/07/2013
Who Hates the Metta Bhavana Wk3Jnanavaca201302/07/2013
Who Hates the Metta Bhavana Wk4Jnanavaca201309/07/2013
Who Hates the Metta Bhavana Wk5Jnanavaca201311/07/2013
Why Ordination?Jnanavaca201607/11/2016
Wisdom For a World On FireJnanavaca201821/11/2018
The Wisdom of WordsJnanavaca201720/01/2017