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TitleSpeaker Year Uploaded
Adhistana Is ACEDharmashalin201318/11/2013
Alchemy of the Heart - Transforming Poison Into Wisdom (30mins)Dharmashalin201409/06/2014
Appreciation and Envy - 25 MinutesDharmashalin201506/07/2015
The Bodhicitta In the Bodhicaryavatara (2 of 6)Dharmashalin201909/05/2019
The Buddha; Just a Kind Old Man...Dharmashalin201412/05/2014
Embracing Joy (why Talk About Milarepa 4)Dharmashalin201913/09/2019
Exploring Spiritual Death - 20 MinutesDharmashalin201506/07/2015
Finding Peace In a Frantic WorldDharmashalin201514/07/2015
How to Develop Spiritual Friendship: the Four Tantric Rites An IntroductionDharmashalin202007/10/2020
How We Benefit From the Sangha and the Sangha Benefits From Us - 30 MinutesDharmashalin201506/07/2015
Introducing the Dharma JewelDharmashalin201213/09/2012
An Introduction to the Bodhicaryavatara (1 of 6)Dharmashalin201909/05/2019
An Introduction to the Tantric RitesDharmashalin202025/11/2020
An Introduction to the Triratna CommunityDharmashalin201330/11/2013
Less of Me, More of WeDharmashalin201411/12/2014
Marpa and the Towers (why Talk About Milarepa Week 2)Dharmashalin201916/08/2019
Me, You, Padmasambhava, Shapeshifting and Our Response to the UniverseDharmashalin201319/09/2013
Metta As Method and Support For Breaking Through to BuddhahoodDharmashalin201610/07/2016
Milarepa - Renunciation and Us…Dharmashalin201903/06/2019
Padmasambhava, Historical, Poetical, Practical.Dharmashalin201423/10/2014
Pleasure and the PathDharmashalin201731/07/2017
Reaching Out - Communicating the Dharma From Our Appreciation, Courage and ConvictionDharmashalin201304/04/2013
Redemption Is Possible - Why Talk About Milarepa (week 1)Dharmashalin201902/08/2019
Renunication Finding a Healthy Balance (Why Talk About Milarepa 3)Dharmashalin201913/09/2019
The Rite of PacificationDharmashalin202025/11/2020
Sangharakshita and Triratna; 1967-2014Dharmashalin201413/05/2014
Sangharakshita; the Early Years 1925-1964Dharmashalin201413/05/2014
The Significance of the Seven Line Prayer/ Invocation of PadmasambhavaDharmashalin201901/12/2019
Ways of Approaching the Metta Bhavana - 20 MinutesDharmashalin201731/07/2017
What I've Learnt From Milarepa (why Talk About Milarepa 5)Dharmashalin201901/10/2019
What Is Buddhism 1Dharmashalin201217/07/2012
What Is Buddhism 2 - Work,Pleasure And LifeDharmashalin201217/07/2012
Why Be a WarriorDharmashalin201318/04/2013
Why Chant the Tiratna VandanaDharmashalin201909/05/2019
Wisdom In the Bodhicaryavatara (5 of 6)Dharmashalin201909/05/2019
Working with EnergyDharmashalin201125/11/2011