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TitleSpeaker Year Uploaded
Bhante - Poetry, Myth And ImaginationDhammadinna201412/03/2014
Bhante - Teacher and FriendDhammadinna201316/01/2014
Changing Power to LoveDhammadinna201511/07/2015
The Four Mind-Turning ReflectionsDhammadinna200528/05/2009
Gazing at the Setting Sun - Amitabha and the Ordination MythDhammadinna200016/06/2009
Great Compassion Penetrates Into the Marrow of the BonesDhammadinna200908/10/2009
The Grey Rock Vajra Enclosure and Milarepa's First Meeting with RechungpaDhammadinna200526/01/2011
Looking Back Over My Chapter HistoryDhammadinna201004/04/2011
Milarepa - Part 1Dhammadinna200717/02/2011
Milarepa - Part 2Dhammadinna200717/02/2011
Milarepa - Part 3Dhammadinna200717/02/2011
Order As PracticeDhammadinna201511/07/2015
The Preciousness and Rarity of Human LifeDhammadinna200509/06/2009
Reflections On Vajrasattva - Purity, Confession and DeathDhammadinna201012/07/2010
The Richly Endowed Buddha of the Southern RealmDhammadinna201204/06/2012
Sangharakshita - His Life and WorkDhammadinna201512/07/2015
Seven Point Mind Training - Talk 1Dhammadinna200824/01/2011
Seven Point Mind Training - Talk 2Dhammadinna200824/01/2011
Seven Point Mind Training - Talk 3Dhammadinna200824/01/2011
Seven Point Mind Training - Talk 4Dhammadinna200820/01/2011
Seven Point Mind Training - Talk 5Dhammadinna200820/01/2011
Seven Point Mind Training - Talk 6Dhammadinna200819/01/2011
Seven Point Mind Training - Talk 7Dhammadinna200819/01/2011
Some Thoughts on the BodhicaryavataraDhammadinna200830/04/2009
Songs of Milarepa - His Lineage and MahamudraDhammadinna200526/01/2011
The Tiny Splash of a RaindropDhammadinna201905/03/2019
What is Mind?Dhammadinna200112/04/2009
Women Elders of the Triratna Buddhist Community - DhammadinnaDhammadinna201118/11/2011