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TitleSpeaker Year Uploaded
Approaching Reality: Finding Gateways to the TruthDayanandi201118/04/2011
Becoming Real - Meditation as a Gateway to WisdomDayanandi200001/05/2008
Bhante and the Bodhisattva SpiritDayanandi201931/05/2019
Bhante, His Teachers and SadhanasDayanandi201926/02/2019
Creative Emotion: Opening the Wild Rose of the HeartDayanandi201117/03/2011
Empathy and a Lead Through of the Bodhicitta PracticeDayanandi201904/06/2019
The Five Great Stages of the Spiritual Path: Finding the PathDayanandi201114/03/2011
Giving Ourselves to the World: Spontaneous Compassionate ActivityDayanandi201121/04/2011
Introduction to Bodhicitta PracticeDayanandi201811/11/2019
An Introduction to the Bodhicitta MeditationDayanandi201904/06/2019
Led Bodhicitta MeditationDayanandi201931/05/2019
Meeting Padmasambhava in the Cave of the HeartDayanandi201105/10/2011
Mindfulness and the Mandala of IntegrationDayanandi201108/11/2011
Reflecting on the Buddha in the ForestDayanandi201908/11/2019
Refuge Tree Series: AtishaDayanandi201015/11/2010
Transforming in the Light of our VisionDayanandi201118/04/2011