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TitleSpeaker Year Uploaded
Absolute and Conventional TruthBhadra201628/04/2016
The Art of Ritual and DescentBhadra201608/10/2016
BAM. Revisioning Our Relation to the World: Two Icebergs and the Mandala of PracticeBhadra201814/06/2018
Celebrating the In Between.Bhadra201618/12/2016
Dharmic ReceptivityBhadra201524/06/2015
The Empty SeatBhadra201513/05/2015
Fidelity, Emergence and the Greater MandalaBhadra201907/12/2019
Gift of Shepherds' Round-DanceBhadra201716/04/2017
Jewels In Cloaks and Phantom CitiesBhadra201703/06/2017
Puja As Vision and TransformationBhadra201612/05/2016
The Six Distinctive Emphases of Triratna - The ArtsBhadra201518/10/2015
There Is No Spiritual Life Without Spiritual DeathBhadra201524/06/2015
Turning Towards Spiritual Death with MettaBhadra201802/10/2018
Wheel of Life: 3 - Practice As Knowing Where You StandBhadra201704/06/2017
Wheel of Life: 4 - Breaking the Circle by Resting In the GapBhadra201703/06/2017
Wheel of Life: 5 - The Gap and the Buddha MandalaBhadra201703/06/2017