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Listening to the Dharma is the beginning of all...

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TitleSpeaker Year Uploaded
The Deer HunterVajratara200806/03/2013
Dharma VandanaVajratara201119/09/2011
Dimensions of the Three JewelsVajratara200717/05/2012
The Discourse of the Simile of the SawVajratara200708/02/2013
Discovering the Wish Fulfilling JewelVajratara202216/04/2022
Dr Ambedkar and His Importance For the Future of BuddhismVajratara201411/06/2014
Dr Ambedkar: Healing the World Through His Vision of Sacred HumanityVajratara201908/11/2019
Dr. Ambedkar For India and the WorldVajratara201513/07/2015
The Dragon, The Tiger and The Wishfulfilling Jewel: Activating the Myth of the BodhicittaVajratara202125/07/2021
Dreaming AngelsVajratara201230/12/2012