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TitleSpeaker Year Uploaded
Celebrating 125th Birthday of Dr AmbedkarVajratara201621/04/2016
Chetul Sangye DorjeVajratara200704/09/2008
Compassion EmbodiedVajratara200710/08/2012
Contemplating the Refuge Tree 2: Absorbtion In the Blue SkyVajratara202209/05/2022
Contemplating the Refuge Tree 3: Delighting In AppearanceVajratara202210/05/2022
Contemplating the Refuge Tree 4: The Sprinkling of the DeathlessVajratara202211/05/2022
Contemplating the Refuge Tree 5: Dissolving Into SunyataVajratara202211/05/2022
Contemplating the Refuge Tree: Abandon Everything You Think You KnowVajratara202209/05/2022
Critical Ecumenicalism: Sitting At the Feet of the Gurus with An Open Heart and Discerning MindVajratara202113/12/2021