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The culmination of wisdom is freedom from all views

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TitleSpeaker Year Uploaded
Contemplating the Refuge Tree 5: Dissolving Into SunyataVajratara202211/05/2022
Contemplating the Refuge Tree 4: The Sprinkling of the DeathlessVajratara202211/05/2022
Contemplating the Refuge Tree 3: Delighting In AppearanceVajratara202210/05/2022
Contemplating the Refuge Tree 2: Absorbtion In the Blue SkyVajratara202209/05/2022
Contemplating the Refuge Tree: Abandon Everything You Think You KnowVajratara202209/05/2022
Discovering the Wish Fulfilling JewelVajratara202216/04/2022
Looking Deeper Into the Mind PreceptsVajratara201808/02/2022
Sadhana 5: Bringing Sadhana Into Everyday LifeVajratara202231/01/2022
Sadhana 2: Dwelling In DevotionVajratara202230/01/2022
Critical Ecumenicalism: Sitting At the Feet of the Gurus with An Open Heart and Discerning MindVajratara202113/12/2021
The Dragon, The Tiger and The Wishfulfilling Jewel: Activating the Myth of the BodhicittaVajratara202125/07/2021
Vasubandhu's Four ReflectionsVajratara202005/04/2021
Opening the MandalaVajratara202127/03/2021
Buddhist Reflections on Impermanence and DeathVajratara202014/02/2020
Surrendering to a Greater Beauty: the Yidam As the Gateway to the Pure RealmVajratara201914/12/2019
Dr Ambedkar: Healing the World Through His Vision of Sacred HumanityVajratara201908/11/2019
Surrendering to a Greater Beauty: The Fourth LaksanaVajratara201906/11/2019
Spiritual Friendship and the Blue Black Rite of DestructionVajratara201921/05/2019
Spiritual Friendship and the Yellow Rite of ProsperingVajratara201921/05/2019
Spiritual Friendship and the White Rite of PurificationVajratara201921/05/2019
Spiritual Friendship and the Tantric RitesVajratara201921/05/2019
The Inner GuruVajratara201917/04/2019
Spiritual ReceptivityVajratara201821/12/2018
Spiritual Death and RebirthVajratara201821/12/2018
Integration and Positive EmotionVajratara201821/12/2018
The Myth of the BodhicittaVajratara201822/07/2018
Working With AdversityVajratara201826/03/2018
Effort and Relaxation In the Dharma LifeVajratara201818/03/2018
Spiritual DeathVajratara201720/12/2017
The Importance of Dr Ambedkar In the Western WorldVajratara201716/10/2017
The Buddha’s Conversations with KingsVajratara201703/07/2017
Kshanti (Patience): A Response to the Modern WorldVajratara201609/07/2016
Celebrating 125th Birthday of Dr AmbedkarVajratara201621/04/2016
Introducing AmbedkarVajratara201620/04/2016
Radical Buddhism - Changing the Myth of SocietyVajratara201427/01/2016
A Buddhist RevolutionVajratara201526/01/2016
Inspired by Ambedkar - Sangharakshitas PerspectiveVajratara201511/12/2015
Buddhism and the Modern WorldVajratara201509/09/2015
Dr. Ambedkar For India and the WorldVajratara201513/07/2015
The Pleasures of the PathVajratara201506/07/2015
The Buddha, The Bodhicitta and BhanteVajratara201426/01/2015
Study Groups As a Path to InsightVajratara201411/09/2014
Dr Ambedkar and His Importance For the Future of BuddhismVajratara201411/06/2014
Awareness Is RevolutionaryVajratara201428/02/2014
Metta Blazing Like the SunVajratara201330/01/2014
Metta, Milosc I Czeslaw MiloszVajratara201101/01/2014
Metta and the Path of InsightVajratara201312/05/2013
The Lady of Tibet Yeshe TsogyalVajratara200806/03/2013
The Deer HunterVajratara200806/03/2013
The Sutra of Golden LightVajratara200817/02/2013
The Message of Vimalakirti NidessaVajratara200817/02/2013
From the BodhicaryavataraVajratara200808/02/2013
Insight In The EverydayVajratara200708/02/2013
The Discourse of the Simile of the SawVajratara200708/02/2013
Mindfulness As the Great Love (white Tara)Vajratara200707/02/2013
Dreaming AngelsVajratara201230/12/2012
Beyond OrdinaryVajratara200722/08/2012
The Buddha and FriendshipVajratara200722/08/2012
The Power of the Archetypal RealmVajratara200722/08/2012
Compassion EmbodiedVajratara200710/08/2012
Lost CausesVajratara200710/08/2012
Looking For a Safe RefugeVajratara200707/08/2012
Self RealisationVajratara200707/08/2012
The Gesture of GenerosityVajratara200607/08/2012
The Gesture of FearlessnessVajratara200606/08/2012
The Wheel of Life (The Twelve Nidanas)Vajratara200606/08/2012
Kachu RimpocheVajratara200603/08/2012
Hui NengVajratara200603/08/2012
8 Wiatrow Swiata Cz. 1Vajratara201111/06/2012
Dimensions of the Three JewelsVajratara200717/05/2012
Purna and the Perfumed Chamber - Stories From Early Sanskrit BuddhismVajratara201214/04/2012
Energy, the Tantric Precepts and EnlightenmentVajratara201125/11/2011
How to Be a FriendVajratara201118/11/2011
3 Aspects of the BuddhaVajratara201118/11/2011
Dharma VandanaVajratara201119/09/2011
The White Sovereign Buddha VairocanaVajratara201103/02/2011
The Buddha's Gift To The WorldVajratara201007/11/2010
An Overview of the Life of the BuddhaVajratara201014/10/2010
The Three Jewels of BuddhismVajratara201014/10/2010
Skilful Means Affectionate SpeechVajratara201014/08/2010
Generating Bodhi MindVajratara200909/06/2009
Young People, the Bodhisattva Ideal, and PadmasambhavaVajratara200827/11/2008
Chetul Sangye DorjeVajratara200704/09/2008
Padmasambhava and the King of TibetVajratara200727/08/2008