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TitleSpeaker Year Uploaded
The 5 Spiritual Faculties and the 20 Suggestions For Dealing with OverwhelmTaranita202115/03/2021
Actions and the Emperor Ashoka: Guilt, Regret and Making AmendsTaranita202025/04/2020
The Brahma Viharas: Mudita BhavanaTaranita201911/12/2019
The Brahma Viharas: Upekkha BhavanaTaranita201911/12/2019
The Buddha's Life As a Journey of IntegrationTaranita201815/03/2018
Building the BuddhalandTaranita201506/05/2015
The Dhamma Niyama and the Five Buddha MandalaTaranita201816/11/2018
Dr. Ambedkar - A Servant of SocietyTaranita201518/06/2015
Envisioning the BuddhaTaranita202006/03/2020
The Five Buddha MandalaTaranita200705/10/2011
Heart Sutra 1 - Historical PerspectiveTaranita200706/10/2011
Heart Sutra 2 - AvalokitesvaraTaranita200706/10/2011
Heart Sutra 3 - The Five SkandhasTaranita200706/10/2011
Heart Sutra 4 - SunyataTaranita200706/10/2011
Heart Sutra 5 - The Four Noble Truths and the Twelve NidanasTaranita200706/10/2011
Heart Sutra 6 - WisdomTaranita200707/10/2011
Heart Sutra 7 - Mantras and SymbolsTaranita200707/10/2011
Heart Sutra 8 - Summary and ConclusionTaranita200707/10/2011
An Introduction to Nagarjuna and the Perfection of WisdomTaranita201609/03/2016
An Introduction to the Heart SutraTaranita201926/06/2019
The Life Story of the BuddhaTaranita201609/01/2016
Myth & ArchetypeTaranita201830/11/2018
No Sex Discrimination Please, We Are Buddhist - The Six Distinctive Emphases - A Unified MovementTaranita201517/09/2015
Pilgrimage and the Spiritual JourneyTaranita202019/08/2020
Pure and Impure Buddhalands - Seeing the Jewel TreeTaranita201526/03/2015
Pure and Impure Buddhalands - This Very Place, the Lotus ParadiseTaranita201531/01/2015
The Sangha RefugeTaranita200701/10/2011
Science, Buddhism and BeliefTaranita201317/07/2013
The Six Distinctive Emphases - An Ecumenical MovementTaranita201509/09/2015
Sraddha and the Twenty Suggestions For Dealing with OverwhelmTaranita202103/04/2021
Sunyata and the Heart SutraTaranita201602/04/2016
The Three Jewels Meet the Climate Emergency - A Talk From TaranitaTaranita201824/12/2018
Vairocana: Meeting the Sun King At the Centre of the MandalaTaranita202003/01/2021
Vessantara's 20 Suggestions For Dealing with Overwhelm - Part 1Taranita201902/02/2019
Vessantara's 20 Suggestions For Dealing with Overwhelm - Part 2Taranita201908/02/2019
The Worldly Winds 1: IntroductionTaranita201714/07/2017
The Worldly Winds 2: Gain & Loss and Praise & CriticismTaranita201722/07/2017
The Worldly Winds 3: Respect & Disgrace and Pleasure & PainTaranita201728/07/2017
The Worldly Winds 4: It's All About Me!Taranita201703/08/2017