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TitleSpeaker Year Uploaded
The Archetypal Guru and the Ten PreceptsSubhadramati202010/04/2020
The Archetypal Guru and the Ten PreceptsSubhadramati202009/03/2020
The Artist As True Individual - Interview with AmitajyotiSubhadramati201625/03/2016
Asking and GivingSubhadramati200009/11/2006
Being a Conduit For the Mind of BodhicittaSubhadramati201823/12/2018
The Bi-Tendential Value of Being & The Greater Mandala - Week 2Subhadramati201908/10/2019
The Bi-Tendential Value of Being & The Greater Mandala - Week 4Subhadramati201923/10/2019
Bodhicaryavatara Week 2Subhadramati201308/10/2013
Bodhicaryavatara Week 4Subhadramati201308/10/2013
Bodhicaryavatara Week 6 - ViryaSubhadramati201315/10/2013
Conquering Craving | Urban Retreat 2019Subhadramati201926/09/2019
Creative Symbols of Tantric Buddhism - Male and FemaleSubhadramati201401/07/2014
Creative Symbols of Tantric Buddhism - Week 11 - Padmasambhava Pt.2Subhadramati201420/05/2014
Creative Symbols of Tantric Buddhism - Week 7 - the Cremation GroundSubhadramati201422/04/2014
The Dakini & the Skull GarlandSubhadramati202020/01/2020
Dharmic Receptivity Series Week 1Subhadramati201428/01/2014
Dharmic Receptivity Series Week 3Subhadramati201411/02/2014
Eros and Beauty - Beauty As RefugeSubhadramati201526/03/2015
Eternity and TimeSubhadramati201917/12/2019
Ethics As a Path to InsightSubhadramati201411/09/2014
From Reactivity to CreativitySubhadramati201825/09/2018
Going For Refuge Week 1 - The Endless Round and the Point of FreedomSubhadramati201413/11/2014
Going For Refuge Week 4 - Refuges, False and TrueSubhadramati201411/12/2014
The Greater MandalaSubhadramati201203/09/2012
Levels of Going For RefugeSubhadramati201906/03/2019
Lion's Roar: Why Integration = LoveSubhadramati201824/02/2018
Living In a Mandala - the LBC and MoreSubhadramati201027/04/2010
The Meaning of Spiritual CommunitySubhadramati201816/02/2018
Meditation Toolkit - Reactive Mind / Creative MindSubhadramati201824/09/2018
Milarepa - The Provenance of PleasureSubhadramati201412/11/2014
Milarepa and the Value of SolitudeSubhadramati201419/08/2014
Mind Reactive and Creative - Week 2Subhadramati201815/10/2018
The Monster of ImpermanenceSubhadramati201828/09/2018
Myths and Parables From the White Lotus Sutra - Queerer Than We Can SupposeSubhadramati201515/04/2015
Myths and Parables From the White Lotus Sutra ; Symbols of LifeSubhadramati201528/05/2015
A New Life In An Ancient TraditionSubhadramati201816/10/2018
Not About Being GoodSubhadramati201330/09/2013
Ordination and the Unity of the SanghaSubhadramati201617/02/2016
Perfect Imperfection - SubhadramatiSubhadramati201930/11/2019
The Refuge Tree of Reverence and RespectSubhadramati201716/09/2017
Sobering Up - Ugga Meets the BuddhaSubhadramati201308/10/2013
The Spiral PathSubhadramati201919/06/2019
Subhadramati - Beauty and DisciplineSubhadramati201528/07/2015
Supra Personal Force Seminar Week 2Subhadramati201316/04/2013
Supra Personal Force Seminar Week 5Subhadramati201330/04/2013
Supra Personal Force Seminar Week 8Subhadramati201306/06/2013
Supra Personal Force Seminar Week 9Subhadramati201306/06/2013
Symbols of Tantric Buddhism Week 4Subhadramati201401/04/2014
Systole and Diastole: Public OrdinationSubhadramati201806/08/2018
Tantric Symbols Week 13 - The Stupa Pt 2Subhadramati201419/06/2014
Tantric Symbols Week 3Subhadramati201425/03/2014
Themes From the Vimalakirti Nidesa Week 3Subhadramati201210/12/2012
The Transcendental Critique of Religion (Dharma Night Class)Subhadramati201226/09/2012
The True IndividualSubhadramati201717/02/2017
Walking the TalkSubhadramati200923/02/2011
What Is OrdinationSubhadramati201415/07/2014
Who Is the BuddhaSubhadramati201621/01/2016
Who Is the Buddha? (Winter Retreat Dec 2010)Subhadramati201016/02/2011
Wisdom Seminar Week 1 SraddhaSubhadramati201319/11/2013
Wisdom Seminar Week 5 - the Wheel and the SpiralSubhadramati201318/12/2013
The Worshipping BuddhaSubhadramati201712/09/2018