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TitleSpeaker Year Uploaded
Amitabha's Infinite LightPadmasagara201926/06/2019
The Buddha's Liberating VisionPadmasagara201918/02/2019
Dhardo Rimpoche: Living Bodhisattva/Ideal DharmachariPadmasagara201907/04/2019
Faith and ShamePadmasagara201711/12/2017
For the Attainment of Enlightenment I Accept This OrdinationPadmasagara201827/01/2018
For the Benefit of All BeingsPadmasagara201721/08/2017
Learning to Love the Refuge TreePadmasagara201910/03/2019
Led Going For Refuge and Prostration PracticePadmasagara202015/05/2020
Myth, Memory and Amitabha's PurelandPadmasagara201908/07/2019
The Mythic Context-Talk 2Padmasagara201826/08/2018
The Refuge Tree As a Vision of ExistencePadmasagara201910/03/2019
The Refuge Tree As An ImagePadmasagara201910/03/2019
The Roots of the Refuge TreePadmasagara201910/03/2019
Steering to the DeepPadmasagara201622/12/2016
The Supreme MedicinePadmasagara201711/12/2017