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TitleSpeaker Year Uploaded
'For the Benefit of All Beings'Maitreyabandhu202203/04/2022
Against Avoiding Pain (dukkha)Maitreyabandhu201423/08/2014
Alice Oswald Interviewed by Maitreyabandhu At Poetry EastMaitreyabandhu201312/03/2013
The Alternative to GodMaitreyabandhu200617/02/2011
Anatta and Self-SurrenderMaitreyabandhu202013/10/2020
Bernard O'Donoghue Interviewed by Maitreyabandhu At Poetry EastMaitreyabandhu201123/11/2011
Book Launch by MaitreyabandhuMaitreyabandhu201530/09/2015
Book Launch of The Journey and the Guide and YarnMaitreyabandhu201519/10/2015
The Broken MandalaMaitreyabandhu201408/05/2014
A Buddhaside Chat About DivinityMaitreyabandhu201601/12/2016
A Buddhist View: Current World ProblemsMaitreyabandhu201731/03/2017
Death and Falling FlowersMaitreyabandhu200921/02/2011
Dharmic Receptivity Series Week 2Maitreyabandhu201404/02/2014
Dharmic Receptivity Series Week 4Maitreyabandhu201422/02/2014
The Drunkard and the GuideMaitreyabandhu201512/01/2015
The Essentials of OrdinationMaitreyabandhu201923/03/2019
Exploring Insight: Sadhana and the Goal of LifeMaitreyabandhu201907/10/2019
Fiona Sampson Interviewed by Maitreyabandhu At Poetry EastMaitreyabandhu201030/06/2010
A Further Reach - Imagination and the RadicalMaitreyabandhu201121/03/2011
Going Deeper Into Life - Meditation InstructionMaitreyabandhu201313/05/2013
Going ForthMaitreyabandhu201411/12/2014
The Greater Mandala of Aesthetic AppreciationMaitreyabandhu201523/11/2015
Happiness and a Life Well LivedMaitreyabandhu201022/02/2011
The Happiness ProblemMaitreyabandhu200921/02/2011
A Higher HedonismMaitreyabandhu201122/03/2011
The Honeyball SuttaMaitreyabandhu201120/03/2011
Hugo Williams Interviewed by Maitreyabandhu At Poetry EastMaitreyabandhu201030/06/2010
The Illumined Imagination (Winter Retreat Dec 2010)Maitreyabandhu201016/02/2011
Imagination and Fantasy in the Spiritual LifeMaitreyabandhu201103/11/2011
Introduction and IntegrationMaitreyabandhu201312/05/2013
Jackie Kay At PoetryEastMaitreyabandhu201126/09/2011
Jo Shapcott At Poetry EastMaitreyabandhu201118/04/2011
The Journey and the GuideMaitreyabandhu201522/11/2015
The Journey and the Guide - Week Eight - The Mandala of Spiritual RebirthMaitreyabandhu201503/12/2015
The Journey and the Guide - Week Four - The Mandala of Positive EmotionMaitreyabandhu201503/12/2015
The Journey and the Guide - Week One - IntegrationMaitreyabandhu201503/12/2015
The Journey and the Guide - Week Seven - Spiritual RebirthMaitreyabandhu201503/12/2015
The Journey and the Guide - Week Six - The Mandala of Spiritual DeathMaitreyabandhu201503/12/2015
The Journey and the Guide - Week Three - Positive EmotionMaitreyabandhu201503/12/2015
The Journey and the Guide - Week Two - The Mandala of IntegrationMaitreyabandhu201503/12/2015
Journey and the Guide 2016 - Week 1Maitreyabandhu201606/05/2016
Journey and the Guide 2016 - Week 2Maitreyabandhu201612/05/2016
Journey and the Guide 2016 - Week 3 RecapMaitreyabandhu201608/06/2016
Journey and the Guide 2016 - Week 4Maitreyabandhu201608/06/2016
The Journey and the Guide Wk1Maitreyabandhu201322/01/2013
The Journey and the Guide Wk2Maitreyabandhu201305/02/2013
The Journey and the Guide Wk3Maitreyabandhu201305/02/2013
The Journey and the Guide Wk4Maitreyabandhu201312/02/2013
The Journey and the Guide Wk5Maitreyabandhu201319/02/2013
The Journey and the Guide Wk6Maitreyabandhu201305/03/2013
The Journey and the Guide Wk7Maitreyabandhu201305/03/2013
The Journey and the Guide Wk8Maitreyabandhu201312/03/2013
La Imaginacion Y La Fantasia En La Vida EspiritualMaitreyabandhu201215/07/2012
LBC Year of Spiritual Receptivity - PrologueMaitreyabandhu201407/01/2014
Life With Full AttentionMaitreyabandhu200917/06/2009
Maitreyabandhu In Conversation with David ConstantineMaitreyabandhu201030/10/2010
Maitreyabandhu On EnlightenmentMaitreyabandhu201712/09/2018
Mastering the Mind - Week OneMaitreyabandhu201625/03/2016
Meditation Essentials - Week Five - Self Dies to LifeMaitreyabandhu201504/09/2015
Meditation Essentials - Week Four - The UnknownMaitreyabandhu201528/08/2015
Meditation Essentials - Week One - The ContextMaitreyabandhu201506/08/2015
Meditation Essentials - Week Three - StagesMaitreyabandhu201528/08/2015
The Mind Is An Enchanting ThingMaitreyabandhu200721/02/2011
Mindfulness MeditationMaitreyabandhu201211/04/2012
Mindfulness MeditationMaitreyabandhu201210/04/2012
The Muddy PathMaitreyabandhu201515/03/2015
The Mystery of Human EnlightenmentMaitreyabandhu201812/09/2018
The Myth of Self TranscendenceMaitreyabandhu202013/10/2020
The Myth of Self-DiscoveryMaitreyabandhu202014/10/2020
The Myth of Self-SurrenderMaitreyabandhu202013/10/2020
A New Knowledge of Reality-Buddhism and PoetryMaitreyabandhu201831/12/2018
Only the TryingMaitreyabandhu201222/07/2012
The Path to EnlightenmentMaitreyabandhu200621/02/2011
Penelope Shuttle In Interviewed by Maitreyabandhu At Poetry EastMaitreyabandhu201127/01/2011
Poet Mimi Khalvati Interviewed by Maitreyabandhu and Vishvantara At Poetry EastMaitreyabandhu201030/06/2010
Poetry & the Spiritual LifeMaitreyabandhu201625/08/2016
Poetry East - Fiona SampsonMaitreyabandhu201323/04/2013
Poetry East - The Crumb RoadMaitreyabandhu201304/10/2013
Poetry East with Alex DanchevMaitreyabandhu201604/07/2016
Positive Emotion - Skilled ActionMaitreyabandhu201312/05/2013
Questions On 'Spiritual Death and Radical Transformation'Maitreyabandhu201314/05/2013
Rambles Around Changing the WorldMaitreyabandhu201208/12/2012
Rambles Around Spiritual Death and RebirthMaitreyabandhu201202/04/2012
Reflecting On the LaksanasMaitreyabandhu202014/10/2020
Rowan Williams In Interview with MaitreyabandhuMaitreyabandhu201621/04/2016
Sasha Dugdale Interviewed by Maitreyabandhu At Poetry EastMaitreyabandhu201205/04/2012
Seeing the Buddha - An Exploration of Aloka's RupaMaitreyabandhu201208/05/2012
Self-Surrender and the Laksana of DukkhaMaitreyabandhu202013/10/2020
Sex - LBC Open Day January 2012Maitreyabandhu201224/01/2012
Spiritual DeathMaitreyabandhu201312/05/2013
Spiritual Death and Radical TransformationMaitreyabandhu201314/05/2013
Spiritual RebirthMaitreyabandhu201312/05/2013
Spritual Death In Everyday LifeMaitreyabandhu202014/10/2020
The System of Practice - Meditation WorkshopsMaitreyabandhu201626/08/2017
There Ain't Nothing Here But Us Chickens (Urban Retreat 2012)Maitreyabandhu201220/09/2012
Vision For a Divided WorldMaitreyabandhu201525/11/2015
What Good Are the Arts (with Book Launch)Maitreyabandhu201521/08/2015
What Meditation Really IsMaitreyabandhu201802/02/2018
What Mindfulness Really IsMaitreyabandhu201212/04/2012
What the World Needs Now: Triratna's Gift - Talk by MaitreyabandhuMaitreyabandhu202214/04/2022
Who Was Sangharakshita?Maitreyabandhu202230/08/2022
Winter Retreat 2017 - "Now Is the Time to Prepare For Death"Maitreyabandhu201712/09/2018