Listening to the Dharma is the beginning of all...

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TitleSpeaker Year Uploaded
Map of Four DhyanasDayajoti202125/06/2021
Meditation Lead-InDayajoti202128/06/2021
Meditation: Metta For SamādhiDayajoti202125/06/2021
Metta and Insight Retreat 2015_Guided Meditation_Body and BreathDayajoti201506/04/2016
Metta and Insight Retreat 2015_Guided Metta MeditationDayajoti201506/04/2016
Metta and SamadhiDayajoti202125/06/2021
Metta As a Path to Insight - Day 3 - Guided MettaDayajoti201611/10/2016
Metta As a Path to Insight - Inquiring Into the Dharmic Nature of Our Own ExperienceDayajoti201611/10/2016
Metta As a Path to Insight -A Short Led Metta BhavanaDayajoti201611/10/2016
Metta As Dependent Arising_Metta and Insight Retreat 2015Dayajoti201506/04/2016
Metta For the Difficult Person - Guided MeditationDayajoti201509/02/2017
Metta to Experience - Guided MeditationDayajoti201409/02/2017
Metta with Dharmas As Reference - Day 2Dayajoti201830/08/2018