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urban retreat

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TitleSpeaker Year Uploaded
The Buddha's Buddha Pride: Stories From the Pali CanonLokabandhu201601/08/2016
The Buddhist Teaching of Karma - and Its DangersLokabandhu201617/06/2016
A Day in My LifeShantidevi200911/06/2009
Life With Full AttentionMaitreyabandhu200917/06/2009
Living In The Greater MandalaParami201506/11/2015
Medical work in India as Dhamma PracticeKarunaprabha200911/06/2009
Mindfulness and MeditationVarious201612/06/2016
My Life, Work, and Practice in GlastonburyLokabandhu200911/06/2009
My Practice in Everyday Life - KamaladeviKamaladevi200911/06/2009
My Practice in Everyday Life - MettavaditaMettavadita200924/06/2009
My Practice in Everyday Life - SonaSona200911/06/2009
My Practice in Everyday Life - SuvarnamaitriSuvarnamaitri200911/06/2009
My Practice in Everyday Life - VidyamalaVidyamala200911/06/2009
Practice in Life, Marriage, Work and EthnicityViveka200916/06/2009