Perfect work comes from the unification of pure wisdom and pure deeds

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triratna buddhist order

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TitleSpeaker Year Uploaded
Radical Dharma In Triratna - Looking Back and Ahead In Principle and Practice / Dharma radical en Triratna: mirando hacia atrás y hacia adelante en principio y prácticaVarious201927/10/2019
Ratnakumar - The Lion's Roar For the Next 50 YearsRatnakumar201818/02/2018
Reflections and Top Tips For Being An Order MemberChandrashil201808/02/2018
Reflections on the Zenpo ZidelJnanavaca201618/04/2016
Rejoicing In Bhante - Talk 1Paramachitta201027/08/2010
Rejoicing In Bhante - Talk 2Lalitaratna201027/08/2010
Rejoicing In Bhante - Talk 3Akasasuri201027/08/2010
Renunciation and the Simple LifeBodhiketu201017/11/2010
Reverencing the Buddha At the Place of His EnlightenmentPurna201807/02/2018
Revering and Relying On the SanghaSubhuti201326/02/2013