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triratna buddhist order

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TitleSpeaker Year Uploaded
The Filaments of CompassionVimalamati201606/09/2016
The First Gift - A Lotus FlowerJnanakumara201025/08/2010
The First Three SightsVarious200903/12/2009
Five Thoughts On Friendship As A Spritual PathLokeshvara201529/10/2015
For the Sake of All BeingsParina201914/10/2019
For the Sake of Enightenment - Ordniation Vows - Talk OneSubhuti201207/08/2012
Forgiveness and HappinessSantavajri201823/12/2018
The Four Noble Truths, the Dhamma Section In the Satipatthana SuttaSubhuti200923/03/2010
The Fourth Gift - A Garden Planted In a WildernessAbhaya201025/08/2010
From Enchantment to True Delight - Reflections On Stream EntryPunyamala200902/07/2010